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Supermarket Chains Narrow Their Sights

Supermarket Chains Narrow Their Sights –

Supermarkets realize shoppers want to buy local

Retailers from regional chains to supercenters are pushing to get more local produce and other goods into their stores. Hannaford and Wegmans both noted a 20% increase in sales of local goods, and Wal-Mart has committed to spending $400 million on local produce this year.


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Some Good News on Food Prices

With the price of food increasing, some think the hike in price will help, not hurt locally grown food.


Some Good News on Food Prices – New York Times
WHILE grocery shoppers agonize over paying 25 percent more for eggs and 17 percent more for milk, Michael Pollan, the author and de facto leader of the food intellectuals, happily dreams of small, expensive bottles of Coca-Cola.

Along with some other critics of the American way of eating, he likes
the idea that some kinds of food will cost more, and here’s one reason
why: As the price of fossil fuels and commodities like grain climb,
nutritionally questionable, high-profit ingredients like high-fructose
corn syrup will, too. As a result, Cokes are likely to get smaller and
cost more. Then, the argument goes, fewer people will drink them.

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A Shorter Link Between the Farm And Dinner Plate –

The eating local movement is gaining momentum across the country. Stores and eateries, large and small are changing their purchasing policies or opening up with a local food philosophy.

A Shorter Link Between the Farm And Dinner Plate –

Restaurants and grocers are striking partnerships with the county’s small farmers, driven in part by food safety concerns, environmental sensitivities and just plain marketing savvy.

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