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Nike Lets Users Remix TV Spot

Nike inspires consumers to become producers…. with their video clips.

Nike Lets Users Remix TV Spot
January 22, 2007
By Brian Morrissey

Video mash-ups have become staples of YouTube, where users take bits of videos and combine them with music to create their own compilations.
NEW YORK Nike is inviting users to create their own videos with snippets of its new TV spot touting its Air Force 25 sneaker line.


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Food Net to Unveil Customizable Player

Food Net to Unveil Customizable Player
Mike Shields

NOVEMBER 13, 2006 –

On Nov. 13, The Food Network launches a customizable broadband player on its Web site, loaded with original videos featuring celebrity chef Tyler Florence, targeting users planning to prepare elaborate holiday spreads. The new Tyler’s Ultimate Holiday Menu Planner allows visitors to the ability to mash up select instructional videos into an iTunes-like playlist to create a customized cooking/viewing experience.

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TurboNick 2.0 Offers Kids New Ways to Play Along

TurboNick 2.0 Offers Kids New Ways to Play Along
Mike Shields

OCTOBER 04, 2006 –

Nickelodeon has added more opportunities for users to create their own content on its broadband hub TurboNick, while plans are in the works for the site to eventually feature video clips created by and starring kids.

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