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Sunglasses Are The New Handbags; Bags Are The New Shoes

Sunglasses are the latest item to join handbags and shoes as status symbols.


MediaPost Publications – Sunglasses Are The New Handbags; Bags Are The New Shoes – 07/02/2007
COLE HAAN IS THE LATEST retailer to jump into the luxury sunglasses market, announcing that it would unveil a line of shades priced between $125 and $500. And Tiffany has announced that its first-ever line of sunglasses (in partnership with Luxxotica) will be available early 2008. Coach, of course, already has a well-established line.

“Eyewear is an essential luxury accessory for our consumer,” says James Seuss, Cole Haan’s CEO. “This category is a natural extension for the brand, with our heritage in footwear and accessories. It allows us to further our image as a lifestyle brand.”


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