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Kimberly-Clark Reaches Out to Moms

Kimberly-Clark’s Huggies and Pull-Ups are the brands behind a company initiative launched this week to cull and celebrate the best of Hispanic parenting and consejos (advice).

Dubbed “De mama a mama” (“Mom to mom”), the program aims to generate parenting tips, traditions and advice from Hispanic mothers that will be shared and passed along to new and expectant Latina mothers via a book of culturally focused parenting advice.

Moms with sage advice to bestow on moms-to-be can share their road-tested tips for good parenting at and and view thoughts from fellow contributors.


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Gen X, Gen Y Moms Use Internet Differently

Gen X, Gen Y Moms Use Internet Differently – MarketingVOX

Though both Generation X and Generation Y moms view the internet as a must-have tool for finding child-rearing information, there is a significant generational difference in their online behaviors and preferences, according to a study from The Parenting Group and NewMediaMetrics.

Gen Y moms are much more attached to media that connects them to other moms online – such as internet communities, blogs and video-sharing sites – suggesting they prefer to rely on peers rather than experts to help them parent, according to the study.

In contrast, Gen X moms are less attached to digital media as a whole. They are more likely to engage in task-oriented activities such as shopping online and uploading photos

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Marketers court women online

Advertising – Woman to Woman, Online –

Media companies and advertisers are flocking to grab the attention of Web-browsing women, whose purchasing power for the home makes them a highly sought-after demographic segment. The number of visitors to “Mommy blogs” and other sites that tend to attract a predominantly female readership has nearly doubled since July 2006, according to comScore data.

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Moms Predict Increase in Back-to-School Spending

Moms Predict Increase in Back-to-School Spending – MarketingVOX

Back-to-school spend in ’08 will be modestly higher than last year, with an 8 percent increase over 2007 spending levels — $484, compared with $449 in 2007 — according to (PDF) a national study of US mothers by the Marketing to Moms Coalition

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Blogging’s Glass Ceiling

Blogging’s Glass Ceiling –

Last weekend, about a thousand bloggers, almost all without the Y chromosome, attended the annual BlogHer conference, which began in 2005 to help female bloggers gain exposure. It has since evolved into a corporate-sponsored Oprah-inflected version of a ’60s consciousness-raising group.

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High Fructose Corn Syrup Mixes It Up

The Corn Refiners
Association is trying to rehabilitate the reputation of high-fructose corn
syrup with a big ad and public-relations campaign to convince consumers that
HFCS isn’t the evil it has been made out to be. The group is running full-page
ads in more than a dozen major newspapers around the country today saying its
product is no worse for you than sugar.


High Fructose Corn Syrup Mixes It Up –
The high-fructose corn-syrup business is fighting back.

In recent years, there have been a series of research papers and studies linking HFCS to the rise in obesity in the U.S. While sugar has to some degree also been blamed for America’s growing weight problems, HFCS, because it is manufactured, has come under greater criticism by consumers and some health professionals.

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Apparel, Entertainment Top Mom’s Spending: Survey

The report, “Kids’ Share of
Wallet,” by The NPD Group, looks at how and where mothers spend theor
discretionary income on their children and gives manufacturers and retailers of
kids’ products an inside look at those factors and how much kids influence what
is spent.


Apparel, Entertainment Top Mom’s Spending: Survey
When it comes to discretionary spending, moms drop the most (23%) on a single category—apparel. But nearly half (48%) of every dollar is used on entertainment items, including toys and board games, leisure activities, books, music movies videos games, electronics and concerts, according to a recent report.

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A Mother’s Pay? $117,000

An annual report issued by shows that a stay-at-home mom’s pay would be $117,000 a year if she were compensated monetarily for her work.


A Mother’s Pay? $117,000 –
If a stay-at-home mom could be financially compensated, she would bring home nearly $117,000 a year.

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What Issues Matter Most to Women – Growing Financial Pressures on Family Life

A recent survey finds, not surprisingly, that women and their families are experiencing tremdndous financial woes ranging from credit card debt to healthcare.


What Issues Matter Most to Women – Growing Financial Pressures on Family Life
Women and their families are experiencing tremendous financial woes – on issues ranging from housing to credit card debt to healthcare – and are concerned about their long-term financial security, according to a Meredith Corporation/NBC Universal survey.

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Shoppers Plan To Cut Back On Mom’s Big Day

One exception to the new conservatism is jewelry. While the NRF poll
found that fewer shoppers overall will buy mama some bling (29.7% versus 32.8%
last year), they’ll spend much more when they do. Overall, these shoppers
expect to spend $2.7 billion, compared to $2.1 billion last year.


MediaPost Publications – Shoppers Plan To Cut Back On Mom’s Big Day – 04/23/2008

Looks like that Mother’s Day bouquet may be a little less lavish this year. A new survey from the National Retail Federation (NRF) finds that consumers, while still planning on buying gifts for Mom, will tone it down a little. Consumers say they plan to spend an average of $138.63 this year, down 51 cents from last year. Total consumer spending is expected to reach $15.8 billion.

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