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Consumers Stick to One Medium at Home

MRI: Consumers Stick to One Medium at Home

According to Mediamark Research & Intelligence data, more than half of people’s time spent consuming media at home is often done exclusively with one medium.

Among all adults, 55 percent of their at-home newspaper reading occurs without involvement with other media. With magazine reading, 53.6 percent is exclusive. For the Internet, the figure is 53.8 percent, and for TV and radio, the percentages are 49.4 and 28.3, respectively.


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The Rich Still Read — at Expense of Other Media

The Rich Still Read — at Expense of Other Media – MarketingVOX

The 2008 Mendelsohn Affluent Survey reveals affluent consumers — those with incomes of over six figures — read print publications just as much as they did five years ago: about 15 per week, reports Ad Age.

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A Means for Publishers to Put a Newspaper in Your Pocket

A Means for Publishers to Put a Newspaper in Your Pocket –

Verve Wireless believes it can save the dying local newspaper by making it mobile. It offers publishers the technology to create Web sites for cellphones. The company, based in Encinitas, Calif., already provides mobile versions of 4,000 newspapers from 140 publishers, including Freedom Communications, the McClatchy Company and The New York Times Company’s Regional Media Group. The Associated Press, its biggest customer, is betting that Verve has the solution to the nagging problem of dwindling print readership. It led a $3 million round of financing in Verve, a rare investment for the news organization.

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