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Tweens Favor the ‘Net, Need Search to Shop

Tweens Favor the ‘Net, Need Search to Shop – MarketingVOX

The vast majority (83 percent) of tweens (age 10-14) spend at least an hour online per day, compared with 68 percent reporting they watch an hour of TV per day, according to an ROI research study commissioned by DoubleClick Performics


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Teens’ Online Behavior

Ypulse Research » Blog Archive » Teen Topix Teens & Internet, Spring 2008 | OTX and Intelligence Group

New Research from OTX and Intelligence Group Looks at Teens’ Online Behavior.

Teens Online Buy Stuff, Prefer Reality Over Virtual Sometimes, And Have Concerns

New research from OTX and The Intelligence Group studies teens’ online behavior, finding that teens are spending an average of 11.5 hours per week online, doing everything from instant messaging and visiting social networking sites to shopping and listening to music, but dispels myths that this group wants to do everything online. The study did find that 24% of teens are spending more than 15 hours a week online.

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Luxury Shoppers Migrate Toward The Web

MediaPost Publications – Luxury Shoppers Migrate Toward The Web – 07/21/2008

A new poll from the Luxury Institute finds that Americans with annual incomes of at least $150,000 are more likely to research luxury purchases on the Web.

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1/3 Of Moms Buy Baby Products Online; 2/3 Research There

Prospectiv’s Jere Doyle says the results basically confirm that mothers of young
children, while still far more inclined to use search, are also receptive to
targeted, opt-in e-newsletters-making these important for augmenting reach to
this consumer segment. “Marketers need to build consumer relationships,” he


MediaPost Publications – 1/3 Of Moms Buy Baby Products Online; 2/3 Research There – 04/15/2008
While most moms still prefer buying products for their babies and young children in person, one-third buy some of them online–and nearly two-thirds (61%) research their buys on the Net before heading for the store.

Also, among those who do research online,
the three top information sources are search (47%); e-newsletters
focused on products for babies/young children (16%), and branded
product sites (12%). Some also use general savings/shopping sites
(11%), shopping comparison sites (9%), and magazine/newspaper sites

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Trendspotting: Fashion E-Tailing Gets Personal

Expect companies that continue to try and find fit solutions to do well, even if
bigger companies can’t. “There is definitely a frustration among women that one
size is not the same from brand to brand, and with sizing in general,” says Ciri
Fenzel, of Breathe Retail Consulting, based in Washington, D.C.


MediaPost Publications – Trendspotting: Fashion E-Tailing Gets Personal – 01/21/2008
CUSTOM-MADE CLOTHING USED TO BE reserved for the rich–think pretentious executives craving perfect shirts. Or the unfortunately shaped–picture your local tailor, gently letting out waistbands all around the neighborhood. Or else it is something pursued by slightly zany fashionistas, including all those nonconformist teens arduously gluing tiny crystals to their iPods, cell phones and sneakers.

For the most part, however, every time a mass marketer has tried to reach out to these individualists, it hasn’t exactly caught fire. Burger King may let customers have it their way, but most clothing marketers can’t pull it off.

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Cyber Monday Traffic Up 26% Over ’06

Despite a grim consumer outlook for holiday shopping this year, sales on Cyber Monday were up 26% over the last year.


MediaPost Publications – Cyber Monday Traffic Up 26% Over ’06 – 11/29/2007
U.S. TRAFFIC ON CYBER MONDAY increased 26% compared to 2006, Hitwise reported Wednesday–the third year in a row there has been an increase on the Monday following Thanksgiving.

Traffic to the Hitwise 100 Retail Index, which is comprised of the top 100 retail Web sites, received 5.07% of all U.S. visits on Nov. 26, 2007–representing an increase of 26% versus Nov. 27, 2006, which received 4.02% of visits.

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For Trusted Advice, Consumers Turn to Word of Mouth: Nielsen

Word of mouth reigns supreme when it comes to consumers finding trustworthy sources of information on products and services online. With these new numbers to better understand the influence of word of mouth, it is also interesting to think about the implications this has on social shopping and the future of social shopping networks.


For Trusted Advice, Consumers Turn to Word of Mouth: Nielsen
When it comes to trustworthy sources of information about products and services, consumers overwhelmingly put their trust in…other consumers, according to a new survey from Nielsen Research.

The most recent version of Nielsen’s semi-annual Global Internet survey found that 78% of Internet users said they trusted recommendations from fellow consumers for buying advice. That’s distinct from consumer opinions or reviews posted online, which earned the confidence of 61% of the survey population. Sixty percent said they trusted the information found on Web sites run by the brands themselves.

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Online shopping growth to slow in next decade

Most people who haven’t dabbled in online retailing are likely to stay on the
sidelines, which will make it hard for companies to continue the ultra-rapid
pace of growth in online retailing, analysts say. The good news is that those
who are already comfortable shopping online are likely to funnel more dollars to
Web sites.


Online shopping growth to slow in next decade – Future of Business –
When Internet pioneer began doing business in 1995, eager analysts forecast a day when people would sit around all day in their pajamas, relying on their computers to order everything from dog food to groceries. Many consumers would see little reason to venture out to the shopping center and visit an actual store, analysts predicted.

More than a decade later, online stores have become an established part of the retailing world but those early predictions appear unlikely to ever pan out.

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Moms Depend on Web Search: Study

It’s not surprising to hear that 89% of moms use the Internet at least twice a day, or that 86% say they rely on search engines to find Web info.

According to a new study, offline sellers can benefit almost as much as e-commerce merchants from the access search gives to the mother demographic.


Moms Depend on Web Search: Study
Eighty-nine percent of household moms use the Internet at least twice a day, and 86% say they rely on search engines to find Web information. And advertisers looking to sell to mothers should be sure to integrate search marketing into their campaigns, a new study from digital marketing firm DoubleClick found.

The study, “Searcher Moms: A Search Behavior and User Study” found that offline sellers can benefit almost as much as e-commerce merchants from the access search gives to the mother demographic. Seventy percent of mothers use search engines to research an online purchase, but 57% said they also use Google, Yahoo and their ilk to study up on offline buys; 64% use search engines to locate brick-and-mortar stores for their shopping.

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Online Retail Sector Fastest Growing in Women’s Beauty Biz

More than ever, women are going online to purchase beauty products. Surprisingly, baby boomer women are more liekey than the 18-34 year old group. So, why are these women going online to beauty products? For many, it is easier and more convenient, not to mention that its probably easier to find discounted products. Or, maybe since these are clearly women that know what they want – they would prefer to quickly place their oder online instead of wasting time in stores.

Study: Online Retail Sector Fastest Growing in Women’s Beauty Biz

NEW YORK — Don’t be surprised to find mom going online for her favorite powder-room goods.

According to study released today from Port Washington, N.Y.-based NPD Group, online beauty sales now comprise 4%, or $1.7 billion, of the $42 billion beauty industry, making it the market’s fastest growing shopping channel.

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