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Study: ‘Green Evangelists’ Are Spreading Eco-Friendly Message

Study: ‘Green Evangelists’ Are Spreading Eco-Friendly Message

For its Green AMPlified study, AMP surveyed 3,200 consumers ages 18-49 to capture opinions, beliefs and perceptions of people’s relationships with the “green movement.” Nineteen percent of respondents were defined as “Influentials” or “Green Evangelists”—those who, after learning that a company is environmentally friendly, are very likely to recommend the company and/or its products to others. Green Evangelists tend to be in the 18- to 30-year-old age range and 57% are female, the study found.


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Green behavior not just a fad

Study: ‘Green Evangelists’ Are Spreading Eco-Friendly Message

Consumer interest in green living seems to be here to stay. A new study questions previous studies that claim consumers are growing weary of green attitudes: About 19% of 3,200 young consumers are “green evangelists” and actively recommend companies that are eco-friendly.

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Second-Generation Americans Reshaping U.S. Palate

MediaPost Publications – Second-Generation Americans Reshaping U.S. Palate – 07/16/2008

It’s no secret that ethnic foods–now a $75 billion market–are among the fastest-growing segments in the industry. Increasingly, mainstream Americans are flocking to tastes and products popularized by adventurous minority and ethnic consumers, often second-generation Americans.

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Top Ways To Stay In Shape

Top Ways To Stay In Shape –

A list of health and diet buzzwords for 2007.

The projected trends for health in the coming year tend to revolve around changes in lifestyle. According to Forbes’ predictions, there won’t be any new exercise craze or new crash diet craze, but instead we are seeing a trend toward smarter living which includes eating healthier and getting in some exercise.

People will be seeking out and finding the type of support they need to make the changes to their lives. As the trend toward organic and healthy lifestyle continue to gain momentum those healthy lifestyle choices will become easier for most Americans since the availability of healthy products will increase.

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Virtually Cool – New York Times

Virtually Cool – New York Times
If you’re not reading this on a screen, if you don’t have a blog, if your phone is still leashed to a wall, if time has cruelly removed you from the 25-to-34-year-old age bracket beloved by advertisers, you probably missed the book party at the TriBeCa Cinemas in July. The author of the hour was Chris Anderson, who after the drinks entertained the crowd with a simulcast PowerPoint lecture on the topic of his new best seller, “The Long Tail,” which describes how the chokehold of mass culture is being loosened by the new Internet-enabled economics of niche culture and niche commerce.

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Marketing Reality Check: Blogs, Pods, RSS

Advertising Age – MediaWorks – Marketing Reality Check: Blogs, Pods, RSS
The Reach Most Marketers Crave Still Comes From TV, Print and Internet Ads

By Abbey Klaassen

Published: August 20, 2006
NEW YORK ( — Digital properties may be VC darlings, hot on Wall Street and coveted by advertisers. But try telling that to Dave and Jean Bretzlauf, 57-year-old accountants in a well-to-do-suburb of Denver. Dave has an iPod but no idea what a podcast is. Neither is familiar with RSS. And while they read the online versions of their local papers, they also subscribe to Rocky Mountain News and several magazines — Reader’s Digest and women’s mags for Jean, financial and sports rags for Dave. They catch the morning news and never miss their favorite prime-time TV shows. And they’ve never logged on to watch online video.

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Social Shopping with ThisNext Crowd

Social Shopping with ThisNext Crowd
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By Enid Burns | August 21, 2006

Now in beta, shopping site ThisNext plans to go a step beyond price and spec comparisons by having its users review products and create “shopcasts,” lists of recommended products they share with the community. Some users will emerge as influencers and play a role in the site’s marketing relationships.

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