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Organic Market May Be At A Plateau

Organic market shows signs of a slowdown – Financial & Industry – FoodNavigatorUSA – Food, Beverage & Nutrition – Publications – Decision News Media

Although the number of consumers using organics increased from 55% to 73% between 2000 and 2006, there has been no notable change between 2006 and today, according to a survey by The Hartman Group. In fact, the report shows a slight decrease in use from 2006 to this year — from 73% of consumer to 69%.

“There is still a lot of opportunity to be found but food manufacturers now have to be a lot more judicial in where they put their innovation dollars into going organic,” says Shelley Balanko, vp of ethnographic research for The Hartman Group. Consumers are increasingly concerned about hormones and antibiotics in food, she says, which adds to the appeal of items such as organic dairy products.

Organic is now being included among “several symbolic distinctions of equal importance subsumed under the moniker of quality,” the report says. It notes that formerly fringe food categories –and categories that may link by dotted lines to organics, but can also stand on their own — are gaining traction with consumers. These categories include local and artisan products, as well as fair trade, humane, cage free or free range.


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Organics Today

The Hartman Group, Inc. : HartBeat

Organics Today: Who’s Buying and What’s Next

Organics Today: A Changing Market Driven by a Wide Range of Influences

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Study finds more households go Organic to the Core

A new report from Progressive Grocer found that there is growth among consumers who are integrating organics into their lifestyles.

Study finds more households go Organic to the Core

A Progressive Grocer article reports that more consumers are integrating organics into their lifestyles, according to research from specialist market research and consulting firm Natural Marketing Institute (NMI).

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Whole Foods Makes A Play For The Natural Woman

Food retailers have been attempting to assist consumers with understanding labels and make healthy choices. Whole Foods knows that it doesn’t need to help its customers with food choices, but will attempt to make waves in the personal care aisles.

MediaPost Publications – Whole Foods Makes A Play For The Natural Woman – 03/04/2008

JUST MONTHS AFTER BURT’S BEES issued a challenge to the personal-care products industry to clean up its “natural” products labeling practices, Whole Foods Markets has launched a labeling initiative of its own. The Austin, Texas-based retailer says it will award some 1,200 of the personal-care products it sells with a new Premium Body Care seal of approval.

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Consumers Consider Sustainability In Choosing Brands

According to the survey, 29% of respondents said they look for
environment-friendly products or products with environment-friendly packaging,
23% considered “fair trade” or environmental practices when choosing where to
shop, and 39% look for organic products.


MediaPost Publications – Consumers Consider Sustainability In Choosing Brands – 01/11/2008
THE GREEN REVOLUTION IS FAR-REACHING. Roughly half of American consumers take into account “sustainability” when choosing a brand, according to a new survey of 22,000 consumers by Information Resources, a market research firm. The Information Resources survey broke down “sustainability” into four key areas. In addition to environment, they include: health and labor practices; organic; environment-friendly products; environment-friendly packaging; and policies for employees and suppliers, principally from growers and manufacturers.

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All I Want for Christmas Is a Compost Bin

Eco-friendly retailers are touting ‘Green’ holiday presents, carbon-offset gift certificates and other environmentally friendly gifts. While it’s difficult to track the sales of all so-called green or eco-friendly goods, demand for more energy-efficient appliances has grown recently, as have purchases of organic products.


All I Want for Christmas Is a Compost Bin –
Are soy candles and spinning composters on your holiday list this year? A bevy of so-called green retailers are hoping so.

With so much public attention on climate change and sky-high oil prices, these retailers are pitching energy-saving or recycled items that haven’t traditionally been on most people’s wish lists — a low-energy desk lamp, for example. And while many retailers have boasted luxury wrapping in past years, companies are this year proffering natural and biodegradable packaging — or none at all.

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Organic Food Consumers Also Big on Wine and Imported Beer

A new study from Scarborough finds that the West Coast is home to a large percentage of organic consumers. In addition, organic consumers also tend to sped a great deal on other luxury goods including wine and imported beer.


Organic Food Consumers Also Big on Wine and Imported Beer

According to a recent analysis from Scarborough Research, the West Coast is a stronghold for organics consumers. Out of the 79 local markets measured, 23 were identified as organics markets (those markets that have an above-average percentage of organics consumers). Of these 23 organics markets, more than half are in the Western census region, more than one-quarter are in the Southern census region, three cities are in the Northeast, and one is in the Midwest

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Organic Food Labeling Confusing, Says Consumer Survey

While organic food labeling was originally meant to help consumers make their decisions about the products the purchase – the labeling is in fact confusing consumers more and more.

Organic Food Labeling Confusing, Says Consumer Survey

Consumers remain confused about the use of organic product claims, which has led to people increasingly opting for locally grown food instead, according to a new survey seen on

The responses from 850 natural and organic product consumers also revealed a mistrust of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) organic seal, and concerns that the agency’s organic standards were declining or weaker than they would like.

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A Shorter Link Between the Farm And Dinner Plate –

The eating local movement is gaining momentum across the country. Stores and eateries, large and small are changing their purchasing policies or opening up with a local food philosophy.

A Shorter Link Between the Farm And Dinner Plate –

Restaurants and grocers are striking partnerships with the county’s small farmers, driven in part by food safety concerns, environmental sensitivities and just plain marketing savvy.

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Food Flies In Face Of Gift-Giving Decline

The segment is also being buoyed significantly by the overall growth in gourmet
and organic foods. Gourmet/organic/specialty food gifts not only mean premium
pricing but brand image enhancement and a profitable trial-use channel for
reaching prospective customers: all excellent reasons for brands and retailers
to do everything possible to feed the trend


MediaPost Publications – Food Flies In Face Of Gift-Giving Decline – 07/26/2007
AMERICANS ARE INCREASINGLY TAKING A “bah humbug” attitude about gift giving, but food gifts are a major exception.

The overall consumer gifts market shrank by 8.3%, to $92.3 billion between 2004 and 2006–a continuation of a trend seen for several years.

However, consumer food gifts flowed–leaping by 56% to $13.4 billion, according to a new study on food gifting from the Packaged Facts division of Food gifts’ share of the total ’06 consumer gifts market was 14.5%–up 70% from an 8.6% share in ’04.

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