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Courvoisier Points New Effort At Urbanites In Major Markets

Courvoisier is making lifestyle connections with its target consumer to promote the brand.


MediaPost Publications – Courvoisier Points New Effort At Urbanites In Major Markets – 04/15/2008
Courvoisier is taking to the streets with a new grass roots effort to reach urbanites in major markets.

The effort, developed with Complex Media LLC, the publishing and new media division of Marc Ecko Enterprises and apparel company Lifted Research Group, involves “pop-up” stores in five U.S. markets. The stores will carry a line of designer accessories and clothes branded both with Courvoisier and with Lifted Research Group.


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7-Eleven Brings ‘The Simpsons’ Kwik-E-Mart To Life

Talk about bringing a brand to life. That’s just what the people behind The Simpsons movie have done. 7 Eleven’s across the country have been converted into Kwick-E-Marts!

Says 7-Eleven, “Many brands have product placement in a movie, but we were
intrigued with the idea of bringing fiction to life – a ‘reverse placement,’ if
you will. As the number-one show among men ages 18-34, teens, boys ages 12-17,
and kids from 6 to 11, ‘The Simpsons’ reaches our core customers.”


MediaPost Publications – 7-Eleven Brings ‘The Simpsons’ Kwik-E-Mart To Life – 07/02/2007
CONVENIENCE STORE-GOERS IN 12 NORTH American cities may feel like they have entered a parallel universe when they discover that their 7-Elevens have been mysteriously transformed over night into Kwik-E-Marts, straight out of “The Simpsons.”

The conversion is part of a “life/brand experience and a reverse product placement” orchestrated by 7-Eleven and Twentieth Century Fox, whose “The Simpsons Movie” opens nationwide July 27, says 7-Eleven spokesperson Margaret Chabris. The deal was initially reported by Marketing Daily in March.

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Remember the Teletubbies? The Brand Owner Hopes So

A new campaign aims to revive the popularity of the Teletubbies, positioning them as retro chic.

Personally, I didn’t see what the big deal was the first time around.


Remember the Teletubbies? The Brand Owner Hopes So – New York Times
IF nostalgia isn’t what it used to be, a major reason may be efforts by marketers to encourage consumers to look back sooner rather than later.

Once, at least a couple of decades had to pass before the popular
culture would commemorate the past. The 1950s revival took place in the
1970s, for instance, and interest in the ’60s came in the ’80s.

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Sweet Suite Goes Where the People Are

Choice Hotels has reconstructed its larger-than-average hotel room at the Boise Airport. The hotel room recreation is part of a campaign for Choice Hotel’s Cambria Suites.

The preview of the new hotel chain, with larger rooms, is set for cities like Green Bay, Wis., and Savannah, Ga., to provide consumers with a preview of the brand before the property actually opens.


Sweet Suite Goes Where the People Are
CHICAGO — It’s a hotel room on steroids. So Choice Hotels is showing off Cambria Suites—25% more space than the average hotel room—by building a full-sized, fully furnished pop-up suite at the Boise (Idaho) Airport.

Boise is the site of the first Cambria Suites that
will open during the first quarter. Choice, which also franchises
Comfort Inn, Quality and Clarion, erected the life-sized suite earlier
this week with two working flat-panel televisions, wired and wireless
Internet access, MP3 jacks, CD/DVD players, refrigerator, microwave,
luxury bedding and a spa-like bathroom. The display has attracted
between 300 and 500 visitors daily during its first week.

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Online, P.& G. Gets a Little Crazy

P.G. is looking to reach consumers online and in nontraditional ways. They are joining the growing list of mainstays in trying to do so in ways including podcasts, blogs, video games, e-mails and of course, video-on-demand.

With consumers busy as can be and it being difficult to break through the noise and gain their attention, non-traditional ways to reach them are growing throughout the industry.


Online, P.& G. Gets a Little Crazy – New York Times

A MARKETER once known as much for its moral rectitude as its soaps and detergents is pushing further into the brave world of new media with a provocative effort asserting that men can suffer from menstrual cramps.

Not long ago, the company, Procter & Gamble,
would have shied away from a public discussion of women’s menstrual
cramps, much less sponsoring a playful campaign pretending that they
afflict men, too. But times have changed, and even Procter, the
nation’s largest advertiser, is looking to push the envelope with viral
campaigns online.

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Sony Opens Pop-Up to Reach Mexican-Americans

Sony Opens Pop-Up to Reach Mexican-Americans

Sony Electronics is opening a pop-up store today as part of a major Hispanic marketing initiative. At the store, consumers can purchase electronics and ship them directly to friends or relatives in Mexico.

The store, named Sony Para Tu País (Sony For Your Country), is
located in Montebello Town Center, Montebello, CA. Bilingual sales reps
will educate consumers about the products and guide them through the
purchase process.

can place orders on one of the store’s 10 phone banks that connect via
a toll-free number to Mexico. A supporting Web site,, is available to consumers nationwide to make purchases for delivery in Mexico.

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Nike Reaches Deeper Into New Media to Find Young Buyers – New York Times

Nike Reaches Deeper Into New Media to Find Young Buyers – New York Times

With the new LeBron James shoe set for release soon, and basketball season just around the corner (yes!) Nike is planning on some new ways to reach its consumers.

From being the sole sponsor of one of ESPN’s  Sportscenters, to a pop-up store, the four LeBrons will be featured in new and various way.

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What is Friday without a Kazoo Quartet?

This morning, for a client presentation, our Chief Creative Officer, Alan, connived these lovely kazoo musicians into performing an intimate jam session.  Thanks Alan (and Kazooists) !

(click for full size, but alas, no sound)

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Starbucks Salon

Looks like we are one week away from the Starbucks Salon…a pop up store that will be more about the brand experience than coffee sales. Stay tuned for pics after it gets here.

Starbucks Salon

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