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Employers Using SocNets to Research Job Candidates

Employers Using SocNets to Research Job Candidates – MarketingVOX

One in five hiring managers (22 percent) say they use social-networking sites to research job candidates, up from 11 percent in 2006 – and an additional 9 percent say they plan to start doing so – according to a nationwide survey of some 3,100 employers, reports MarketingCharts.


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Brand Names Subconsciously Affect People’s Shopping Goals

Study Says Retailers’ Brand Names Influence Shopper’s Choices


New research suggests that merely passing a discount store on the way to the sporting goods store might affect an eventual purchase. In effect, even 60 milliseconds of exposure to a brand name such as Wal-Mart or Tiffany can alter consumers’ subconscious goals, according to the study published in the Journal of Consumer Research.

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On Facebook, Scholars Link Up With Data

Researchers are using Facebook habits to study how tastes and values affect the formation of social relationships.


On Facebook, Scholars Link Up With Data – New York Times
Each day about 1,700 juniors at an East Coast college log on to to accumulate “friends,” compare movie preferences, share videos and exchange cybercocktails and kisses. Unwittingly, these students have become the subjects of academic research.

To study how personal tastes, habits and values affect the formation of social relationships (and how social relationships affect tastes, habits and values), a team of researchers from Harvard and the University of California, Los Angeles, are monitoring the Facebook profiles of an entire class of students at one college, which they declined to name because it could compromise the integrity of their research.

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Research Is The Backbone Of Sponsorships

Put your money in the research…
When a sponsorship is proposed, there is often a need to prove why it will have the greatest reach to the consumers a brand is targeting. Companies are spending big bucks to ensure that they are putting their marketing dollars to the best use.

MediaPost Publications – Research Is The Backbone Of Sponsorships

– 11/12/2007

EVER WONDER HOW COMPANIES MAKE multimillion-dollar decisions on buying sponsorships? For most, it’s actually a lot like buying a house. Why does a primary sponsorship on a Nascar team cost close to $20 million today when it cost half that less than 10 years ago? Mainly for the same reasons that a condo in New York costs $2 million now vs. $1 million a few years ago. Because that’s how much you can get for it.

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Consumer Companies Look For Insights On Shoppers’ Behavior

Nielsen will be teaming up with some big CPG companies on a new project, PRISM – Pioneering Research for an In-Store Metric. The project is designed to gain insight into consumer shopping patterns. The study will use infrared sensors and manual counting to understand which areas of a store are most populated and the affects of in-store marketing.
Once the research and analysis are complete, Nielsen will syndicate the data to marketers who want to understand how to better reach consumers in-store. Nielsen intends this research to help develpoers determine how new stores are built.

Consumer Companies Look For Insights On Shoppers’ Behavior

Predicting the number of shoppers likely to pass through the shampoo aisle of a store on a Sunday afternoon isn’t easy.

But a group of consumer suppliers and retailers think they’ve come up with some answers. In the next month or so, a consortium of companies working with Nielsen Co. expect to get their first major chunk of data that measures store traffic.

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