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Sampling, Coupons Influential in Cereal Shopping: Survey

The survey, “Marketing
Communications Last Frontier: Reaching the Shopper at Retail,” by TNS Brand and
Communications, found that in-store flyers, end aisle displays and display
racks also ranked in the top quartile as having the most impact.


Sampling, Coupons Influential in Cereal Shopping: Survey
When it comes to reaching shoppers, in-store samples, package ads and coupons are influential, according to a recent survey.


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Buying Into Free Samples

In-store food tasting not only makes shopping experiences more fun, but they are also proving to be a terrific marketing tool with big paybacks.


Buying Into Free Samples —
It’s Sunday, and the Rev. Edmund Nadolny is dispensing wisdom to his congregation — but with a different message and from a different pulpit than you might expect.

Standing by a refrigerator case at Stew Leonard’s in Newington, the priest is talking food for the body, not the spirit, as he hands out samples of pierogi to a throng of waiting customers.

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KFC Targets The Nostrils Of Hungry Office Workers

In what appears to be a first, KFC has unleashed the power of the smell of
Kentucky Fried Chicken in corporate offices in Washington, D.C., Chicago and
Dallas in an attempt to lure office workers to its restaurants and to highlight
the launch of its new $2.99 Deal. Fortunately for the mailroom staff, lunch was
on KFC over the past week.


MediaPost Publications – KFC Targets The Nostrils Of Hungry Office Workers – 08/29/2007

Now, there’s aroma placement.

In what appears to be a first, KFC has unleashed the power of the smell of Kentucky Fried Chicken in the corporate halls of offices in Washington, D.C., Chicago and Dallas in an attempt to lure office workers to its restaurants.

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Anheuser-Busch Is Launching First Line Of Fruit-Infused Michelobs

Anheuser-Busch is targeting women under 50 who like variety in the beverages
they consume, says a brand director, who adds that “beer mixers” are just
beginning to hit mainstream America.


MediaPost Publications – Anheuser-Busch Is Launching First Line Of Fruit-Infused Michelobs – 04/27/2007
ANHEUSER-BUSCH IS LAUNCHING ITS FIRST line of flavored beers bearing the Michelob label. The Michelob Ultra Fruit Infused beers will come initially in Pomegranate Raspberry, Lime Cactus and Tuscan Orange Grapefruit.

Eduardo Pereda, Michelob Family brand director, said the company developed the new fruit infused beers to address consumers’ craving for choices in the category.

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Hershey’s Readies New Antioxidant-Rich Candy Bars

Hershey’s is getting ready to launch new bars centering on health benefits. One bar will tout antioxidents while the other with tout whole bean chocolate.


MediaPost Publications – Hershey’s Readies New Antioxidant-Rich Candy Bars – 03/22/2007
THE HERSHEY COMPANY PLANS TO launch Hershey’s Antioxidant Milk Chocolate and Hershey’s Whole Bean Chocolate as the latest in its Goodness Chocolate line.

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Glaceau To ‘Revive’ Students On Break In Florida

Vitamin Water is headed to spring break! The beverage maker will be setting up shop at two spring break hot spots in hopes to get thousands of “Revive” flavor Vitamin Water into their hands.

A Tiki-bar type display will be set up with contests and prizes.

What better way to reach college kids than on spring break?


MediaPost Publications – Glaceau To ‘Revive’ Students On Break In Florida – 03/05/2007
BRAND REPS WILL DISTRIBUTE 4,000 bottles of Vitamin Water’s Revive and Energy drinks on East Beach in Panama City, Fla., next week as college students descend on the area for spring break.

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Vitamin Water Samples at Top Spring Break Destination

A beverage other than alcohol to help those spring break hangovers…


Vitamin Water Samples at Top Spring Break Destination

Vitamin Water is hitting the beach for Spring Break through sampling and an on-site contest

Glaceau is pitching new Vitamin Water products at a top Spring Break destination this month.

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Clinique Launching Moisturizers With Antioxidants

 Clinique will be launching a moisturizer with anitoxidants, one of the buzzwords o 2007.


MediaPost Publications – Clinique Launching Moisturizers With Antioxidants – 02/23/2007
CONTINUING TO FOCUS ON MORE advanced skin care products, Estee Lauder’s Clinique brand next month launches a new line of moisturizers containing antioxidants.

Marketing plans include sampling, a print campaign starting in April beauty and fashion magazines, and online and out of home ads. Clinique advertising is handled in-house. Last year, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus, the company spent $3.5 million on advertising for its moisturizers from January to November.

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Sampling Helps Kick Off Aquafina Alive Debut

Aquafina is using the film festival season to get its new product into consumers’ hands.


Sampling Helps Kick Off Aquafina Alive Debut
Aquafina is targeting a number of popular film festivals to put samples of its new vitamin-enhanced water beverage into consumers’ hands.

Through Jan. 28, attendees at the Sundance Film Festival, being held in Park City, UT, are receiving samples of Aquafina Alive. The beverage is available in three flavors: Berry Pomegranate, Peach Mango and Orange Lime.

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Kraft Takes South Beach on Tour Again

A little beach at the beginning of winter…

Kraft Takes South Beach on Tour Again

Kraft Foods is warming up its mobile beach trucks again this year to bring a bit of South Beach to nine cities.

The Beach in a Box Cafe tour uses two Plexiglas trucks, each with a mini beach inside, to sample Kraft’s South Beach Diet brand.

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