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Even in a Virtual World, ‘Stuff’ Matters

The stuff you have in Second Life matters as much as it does in real life. But, despite marketers best efforts to be cutting edge, its the more mundane stuff that really drives Second Life’s economy; stuff like clothes, gadgetry, night life and real estate.

Big corporations like Toyota have set up islands in Second Life for marketing. Calvin Klein came up with a virtual perfume. Kraft set up a grocery store featuring
its new products. But those destinations are not popular.

brands that have this real-world cachet are meaningless in Second Life,
so most are ignored,” said Wagner James Au, who blogs and writes books
about Second Life. “Just showing up and announcing ‘We’re Calvin Klein’
isn’t going to get you anywhere.” American Apparel closed its virtual
clothing shop, and Wells Fargo abandoned the island it had set up to teach about personal finance.


Even in a Virtual World, ‘Stuff’ Matters – New York Times
IT’S payday for Janine Hawkins. Not in the real world, where she is a student at Nipissing University in Ontario, but in the online world of Second Life, where she is managing editor of the fashion magazine Second Style.

Ms. Hawkins, who in Second Life takes on the persona of Iris Ophelia, a
beauty with flowing hair and flawless skin, keeps a list of things she
wants to buy: the latest outfits from the virtual fashion mecca Last
Call, a new hairstyle from a Japanese designer, slouchy boots. When she
receives her monthly salary in Linden dollars, the currency of Second
Life, she spends up to four hours shopping, clicking and buying. After
a year and a half, she owns 31,540 items.


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Toyota’s Club Scion Gives Socializers A Lift At

Social network marketing has become a feared interest to many marketers, but the Toyota Scion marketing division has proven fearless in the internet marketing age. Scion has presence on a number of social networking sites including Second Life and they have now just announced Club Scion on Club Scion allows users to enter Club Scion and be transported into a hot nightclub atmosphere where they can interact with the features of the car.

MediaPost Publications – Toyota’s Club Scion Gives Socializers A Lift At – 08/14/2007

TOYOTA’S SCION DIVISION HAS ENTERED a second Second Life. Actually, a fourth. Toyota’s Gen Y car division has this year created a presence on,, Second Life, and now, For the latter, the company–with help from Makena Technologies, which hosts–has just launched Club Scion, a social club doubling as vehicle exploration.

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Awaiting Real Sales From Virtual Shoppers

Retailers and manufacturers are investing serious dollars in to Second Life. But are they seeing the results?


Awaiting Real Sales From Virtual Shoppers – New York Times
THE seven million or so inhabitants of Second Life, the three-dimensional online world, have spent millions of dollars on digital makeovers, clothing and other goods and services for their avatars.

But will the game’s players buy anything for themselves?

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Kraft Launches Second Life Supermarket

Kraft has opened a supermarket on Second Life. Will the right consumers be reached through this vehicle?

With all the press about Second Life earlier this year, and the more current press about brands not getting the kind of ROI they had hoped for through Second Life, it will be interesting to see just how this supermarket has an impact on consumers. Do you think this was a good vehicle to use for the many brands?


Kraft Launches Second Life Supermarket
Kraft Foods is opening shop on Second Life today.

The company is using the popular virtual-world Web site to showcase 70 new products as part of its sales pitch to retailers at the annual industry convention, the Food Marketing Institute show, which runs May 6 though 8.

Kraft hosts the grand opening today of a new Second Life store, “Phil’s Supermarket,” named for TV’s “Supermarket Guru” Phil Lempert, food editor for the “Today” show. The store will be a permanent feature on Second Life, which has 6 million registered users and counting.

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Are Marketers Dying on Second Life?

With the rush to bring their brands to Second Life the question remains is it working?

Apparently, not as well as some had hoped. This article references more than 70% of Second Lifers say they are disappointed with the marketing that goes on in Second Life.


Are Marketers Dying on Second Life?
BOSTON — Thanks in large part to media hype, marketers continue to rush to the virtual world of Second Life despite increasing evidence they don’t really know what to do when they get there. Last week Coldwell Banker hung out a shingle on the site as “the first national real estate company to sell homes within the community.” The real estate firm is in good company. H&R Block, adidas, IBM, Reebok, American Apparel, Toyota, Leo Burnett and Bartle Bogle Hegarty are among the dozens of firms already there.

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MediaPost Publications – Weather Channel Launches In Second Life – 03/12/2007

Weater Island – a new Second Life destination brought to you by the weather channel. The network plans to use its virtual existence to engage consumers in the online world as well as use it for advertising and promotions of its partners and own programming.

I would also like to mention that the Weather Channel’s new show “Epic Conditions” looks pretty sweet. Glad to see someone is catering to te extreme sports gurus – now that there is no more OLN.


Weather Channel Launches In Second Life – 03/12/2007
by David Goetzl, Monday, Mar 12, 2007 7:30 AM ET
THE WEATHER CHANNEL HAS BECOME the latest marketer to jump on the Second Life bandwagon by launching a virtual headquarters in the 3D online universe. Known as “Weather Island,” it will offer an extreme sports park, in line with the theme of new show “Epic Conditions.” It will also serve as an avenue to debut show episodes and other footage.

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YouTube Youth

Kids are ditching traditional entertainment in favor of digital media, and Hollywood is scared stiff.


Morgenstern on Movies –
Now that the Oscars are behind us we can get back to worrying about the future of movies. Last week brought one straw in what threatens to become a gale — a spate of stories on the Web and TV about Chinese kids being sent to boot camps designed to cure them of Internet addiction; their lives are supposedly being devoured by online games. The coverage was pretty silly, what with solemn discussions of cure rates (one figure was 70%), and campers who turned out to be rich, spoiled and media-savvy in more ways than one; some of them sounded pleased to be suffering from such a cool new disease. Still, the stories themselves qualify as a symptom. Kids are ditching traditional forms of entertainment — especially theatrical films — in favor of digital media, and they’ve got Hollywood scared stiff.

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Educators explore ‘Second Life’ online

Educators explore ‘Second Life’ online –

The classroom of the future isn’t on a college campus. It’s in the virtual world of “Second Life.”

In “Second Life,” virtual residents — cartoonish-looking characters controlled via keyboard and mouse — create anything their hearts desire.

Also known as avatars, the residents start up businesses, stage their own concerts, sell real estate and design fashion lines. Reuters news agency even has a correspondent based in the cyber community.

A growing number of educators are getting caught up in the wave. More than 60 schools and educational organizations have set up shop in the virtual world and are exploring ways it can be used to promote learning.

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“Big Brother” to be launched in Second Life

“Big Brother” to be launched in Second Life

Mon Nov 6, 2006 10:21am ET136
By Adam Pasick

LONDON (Reuters) – The popular reality TV show “Big Brother” plans to expand into virtual reality with a new edition in the online world of Second Life, the Dutch unit of television programmer Endemol said on Monday.

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Pontiac’s Road Map Leads to Second Life’s Virtual Community

Pontiac’s Road Map Leads to Second Life’s Virtual Community

You can add Pontiac to the list of brands getting in on the Second Life action.

The brand will be giving away “real estate” in Second Life, and soon you will be abe to own a Pontiac vehicle in Second Life.

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