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Hey, Sleepy, Want to Buy a Good Nap?

The new upscale amenity for 2007? Sleep.

Spas are popping up offering nothing more then a nap.


Hey, Sleepy, Want to Buy a Good Nap? – New York Times
ALEXIUS OTTO, a junior at Hunter College in Manhattan, has a perfectly good bed in his apartment in the East Village. But twice over the last month he has paid to take short snoozes at Yelo, a new salon on West 57th Street that sells anxious New Yorkers the promise of a brief but cocooning sleep.

Yelo consists of seven private chambers that can be rented for 20- to
40-minute naps. Each hexagonal pod has a beige leather recliner, dimmed
lighting, a soporific soundtrack and a blanket of Nepalese cashmere.
Clients may also book reflexology treatments, designed to lull the body
to sleep, for their hands or feet starting at $65.


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Massage In Aisle 7: Whole Foods Opens Spa

Whole Foods is testing an in-store spa at its Dallas store. Talk about a full service, one-stop shop!

Consumers can have a true spa experience within the giant store; it has an enclosed lounge with fountains, treatment rooms and a place to have lunch.

It will be interesting to see how Trader Joe’s and Wal-Mart, the later or which just introduced natural and organic food offerings, will keep up with Whole Foods.

MediaPost Publications – Massage In Aisle 7:
Whole Foods Opens Spa – 12/13/2006

WHOLE FOODS MARKET WANTS GROCERY shopping at its natural supermarket chain to be associated with relaxation. It’s testing the waters with an unusual spa-within-a-food store concept.

Refresh–The Everyday Spa at Whole Foods Market opened last week in a store in Dallas, where the company is headquartered. The prototype is serving as a test bed for consumer acceptance of spas within grocery stores, before any rollout.

Looking to create a tranquil environment within the giant-sized suburban Whole Foods Market, the Refresh spa is enclosed with a soundproof lounge complete with fountains, several treatment rooms, and a private balcony where lunch is served.

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And Now, a Facial for the Other End – New York Times

And Now, a Facial for the Other End – New York Times

Yes, you read that correctly.

The latest trend in spas, skin rejuvination and preserving youth is “facials” for your posterior. It’s not just a New York spa trend; these knids of procedures are happening in Miami, LA, Minneapolis and Boston, according to the article. The marketing for the treatment primarliy takes place in the spring and summer when more skin is showing.

Some spas are claiming these types of treatments help reduce cellulite and even lift and tone the backside, (And here I thought hitting the gym five days a week or going under the knife were the only options!) while most cite benefits like relaxation.

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A Room With a Pedicure – New York Times

A Room With a Pedicure – New York Times
Eric Price, a publishing executive from New York, likes to get a facial or massage on his business trips.

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