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Consumers Still Budgeting for Chocolate, Cigarettes, Alcohol

Mintel: Consumers Still Budgeting for Chocolate, Cigarettes, Alcohol

Despite the poor economy, consumers are indulging in “sin stocks” like chocolate, cigarettes and alcohol, according to Mintel.


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Fruity Infusions Brand Is Skyy’s Biggest-Ever Launch

In addition to advertising, the marketing, anchored by the tagline “Go
Natural,” will include extensive sampling, point-of-sale materials, bartender
education and a cross-country mobile marketing tour for both consumer and trade
functions. The tour, with 13 stops, will take place in an Airstream SkyDeck
(patio on roof) with a bar/bartender inside for “pop-up parties,” and a mobile


MediaPost Publications – Fruity Infusions Brand Is Skyy’s Biggest-Ever Launch – 03/13/2008
SKYY INFUSIONS, BEING TOUTED AS the first “all natural, true-to-fruit vodka experience” and scheduled to begin hitting stores in April, will be the biggest launch in Skyy Spirits’ 16-year history, according to Infusions brand manager Kirsten Van Sickle.

Skyy, a subsidiary of Gruppo Campari, doesn’t reveal marketing budgets, but Van Sickle reports that advertising will be focused in entertainment and lifestyle media.

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Alcohol Consumption Up In 2007, Group Finds, But Rate Is Slowing

We are seeing a slowdown in people consuming on-premise,” says the Beverage
Information Group’s Eric Schmidt. “When the economy starts to slow down, they
don’t go out as much. What we’re seeing is that they’re not as apt to drink as
much [at home] as before because they can’t replicate [a restaurant] occasion at


MediaPost Publications – Alcohol Consumption Up In 2007, Group Finds, But Rate Is Slowing – 02/28/2008
DOES THE THOUGHT OF A slowing economy make you want to reach for a drink? You’re not alone. The Beverage Information Group says that beer, wine and spirits sales continued to increase last year, although they did so at a slowing rate.

According to the Norwalk, Conn. research company, wine consumption increased 4%, while distilled spirits were up 3.2% and beer rose 1.2%. Distilled spirits sales reached more than 182 million nine-liter cases–their 10th straight year of growth–and wine sales reached 294.4 million cases, growing for the 14th consecutive year. After declining sales in 2005, beer sales continued to recover, reaching 2.93 billion cases.

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Cuervo Tequila Breaking ‘Social Responsibility’ Campaign

“We wanted to show this understanding that social responsibility is intrinsic to
the Mexican American experience and way of life,” says the brand director, who
describes social responsibility as a Mexican trait portrayed by family, hard
work, community and the responsible consumption of alcohol. “They are linked
together and we, as a beverage alcohol firm, want to promote the fact that it’s
all wrapped up.”


MediaPost Publications – Cuervo Tequila Breaking ‘Social Responsibility’ Campaign – 02/01/2008
WITH THE USA-MEXICO SOCCER MATCH coming up on Wednesday, now is the time to launch a campaign for tequila, no? That’s exactly what Jose Cuervo Tradicional is doing, with new TV spots centered on the Mexican culture of “social responsibility.”

The message will be carried by three-time World Cup participant Alberto Garcia Aspe, who has signed on as the brand’s spokesperson, to the multi-generational Mexican consumer.

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ABSOLUT(R) VODKA Teams With Live Earth Film Series to Help Solve the Climate Crisis … One Cocktail, One Person at a Time

ABSOLUT Vodka is launching a marketing campaign called “ABSOLUT Global Cooling.” This is a continuation of the recently introduced “in an ABSOLUT World” campaign. As part of the campaign and sponsorship of the Live Earth Film Series, Absolut will host the ABSOLUT Live Earth Green Screen Longe at the Sundance Film Festival beginning this weekend.

ABSOLUT(R) VODKA Teams With Live Earth Film Series to Help Solve the Climate Crisis … One Cocktail, One Person at a Time

ABSOLUT(R) VODKA and Live Earth are joining forces to leverage the power of film to engage audiences in an effort to solve the climate crisis.

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Move Over, Music: Absolut Coming To A Jukebox Near You

Creative for the campaign will include two
alternating billboards that will be interspersed throughout the user
experience. The campaign will have a special interactive element that
will encourage users to participate in a survey designed to provide
insight into consumer preferences and gauge brand awareness for the
flavored vodka.


MediaPost Publications – Move Over, Music: Absolut Coming To A Jukebox Near You – 12/19/2007
A NEW CAMPAIGN FOR ABSOLUT Pears vodka will run on 10,000 screens nationwide–not on televisions, but on jukeboxes. Absolut is pairing with TouchTunes Corp. for the first time to put the full-screen billboard ads on TouchTunes music systems in bars, restaurants, retailers and other businesses.

Creative for the campaign will include two alternating billboards that will be interspersed throughout the user experience. The ad is shown for after seconds at the end of a session (after a customer has made selections on the jukebox).

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Chivas Bringing Back 25-Year-Old Scotch

Chivas is going to be bringing back it’s 25-year-old scotch which has been off the market for a long time. The brand is making a come back by targeting premium scotch drinkers at places where the intellectuals congregate.

MediaPost Publications – Chivas Bringing Back 25-Year-Old Scotch – 10/10/2007

CHIVAS REGAL 25-YEAR-OLD SCOTCH DISAPPEARED after WWI and Prohibition–but Chivas, which first launched the brand in 1909 as a 25-year-old, high-end Scotch, is bringing it back.

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Anheuser-Busch: Healthy Pomegranates Get Tipsy, Too

Mintel predicts that we’ll see even more deep purple and red beverages in the
months ahead: “Chefs will explore the deeper health benefits and flavor of
antioxidant-rich foods such as deep red wine and dark chocolate, the subtleties
of red and white tea, as well as the antioxidant-rich açaí berry,” it predicts.
“And the vitamin C-packed acerola cherry will provide additional sweetness to
the functional flavor category.”

It looks like functional foods will be taken to the next level next year.


MediaPost Publications – Anheuser-Busch: Healthy Pomegranates Get Tipsy, Too – 09/26/2007
AMERICANS ALREADY KNEW POMEGRANATE WAS healthy. Now it looks like we think that weird purple fruit might make booze a little better, too. Anheuser-Busch is introducing Bacardi Silver Pomegranate Mojito–a pomegranate-flavored twist on the Mojito cocktail, which it claims is the first nationally available, pomegranate Mojito-flavored premium malt beverage to hit the market.

And Purple, a juice blend that contains pomegranate, cherry, black currant, purple plum, cranberry and blueberry, is turning up in martinis at The Palm, one of New York’s toniest hotels.

“It’s really all about the intersection of this search for the fountain of youth and intense flavor,” says Karen Caplan, president of Frieda’s Inc., the Los Alamitos, Calif.-based specialty produce firm that has introduced the U.S. to such produce powerhouses as the kiwi fruit, the donut peach and sugar-snap peas.

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Diageo, Zagat To Offer Guide To Drinking Well

People who enjoy eating out like it not only for the food, but for the ambiance, trying new things and of course the drinks. Alcohol consumption can require a certain amount of sophistication (depending on who your friends are) and acquired taste. Diageo has partnered with Zagat to provide people with a guide to drinking well because so much of an evening out revolves around consuming alcohol.

MediaPost Publications – Diageo, Zagat To Offer Guide To Drinking Well – 09/20/2007

DIAGEO HAS TEAMED WITH ZAGAT to create an online guide to restaurants dedicated to serving premium spirits.

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Pernod Launches ‘Responsibility’ Campaign On Alcohol Abuse

Pernod Ricard, the second-largest spirits and wine company is launching a campaign that focuses on drunk driving.


MediaPost Publications – Pernod Launches ‘Responsibility’ Campaign On Alcohol Abuse – 09/04/2007
A PUBLIC SERVICE CAMPAIGN THAT focuses on drunk driving, underage consumption and binge drinking was unveiled on Friday–not by Mothers Against Drunk Driving or that group’s ilk but by the marketer of such products as Chivas Regal and Stolichnaya.

Pernod Ricard USA, a unit of Pernod Ricard SA, the world’s second-largest spirits and wine company, published full-age ads in USA Today and launched the complementary

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