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Gulp! Burger King Is on the Rebound – New York Times

Burger King’s success with hitting it target market has not gone unnoticed. They sponsor all the right things – NFL, Nascar and Xbox. They are using humor in their ads that speaks to the Youtube generation of guys who eat meat – and not salads. Its funny how their success completely opposes recent healthy lifestyle trends that seem to be all the news lately.

Gulp! Burger King Is on the Rebound – New York Times

Burger King’s laserlike focus on the testosterone crowd has prompted a turnaround that has been easy to miss, given the phenomenal roll McDonald’s has been on for the last few years. Indeed, Burger King’s rebound isn’t nearly as profitable or sustained.

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Nintendo Looks to Build on Its Anti-Couch-Potato Game Play

A new marketing effort will take the Nintendo Wii out of the living room and bring it to live sporting events. The intent here is to get the game in the hands of sports fans, but also to build the “Nintendo Fan Network.” The fan network allows users to download software that gets them all the info a fan needs to know.

Nintendo Looks to Build on Its Anti-Couch-Potato Game Play – Advertising Age – News

Nintendo is tying its active game play to real-life sporting events. Its winter marketing plan includes a slate of baseball, golf and monster-truck sponsorships and events that put the Wii and DS in sports fans’ hands.

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Research Is The Backbone Of Sponsorships

Put your money in the research…
When a sponsorship is proposed, there is often a need to prove why it will have the greatest reach to the consumers a brand is targeting. Companies are spending big bucks to ensure that they are putting their marketing dollars to the best use.

MediaPost Publications – Research Is The Backbone Of Sponsorships

– 11/12/2007

EVER WONDER HOW COMPANIES MAKE multimillion-dollar decisions on buying sponsorships? For most, it’s actually a lot like buying a house. Why does a primary sponsorship on a Nascar team cost close to $20 million today when it cost half that less than 10 years ago? Mainly for the same reasons that a condo in New York costs $2 million now vs. $1 million a few years ago. Because that’s how much you can get for it.

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Number Of NYC Marathon Sponsors May Break Record

The NYC Marathon, and marathons across the country in general have seen huge growth in participation and awareness. This has led to an increase in the number of advertisers eager to participate in the event.

MediaPost Publications – Number Of NYC Marathon Sponsors May Break Record – 10/16/2007

THE NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS IN the New York City Marathon may break records this year. And there may be a record number of runners as well.

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Sponsors are winners in online contests

So the Internet is littered with contests looking for the funniest
stand-up comedian, the hippest-looking shoe, the most creative haiku.
Most of them are connected to some sort of marketing campaign, which
entrants don’t seem to mind. And sponsors don’t mind if contest entries
are harebrained or nonsensical or even deadly dull.


Sponsors are winners in online contests – Los Angeles Times
Anyone who has ever tried to win an online contest could learn something from Adrian Piccardi.

Piccardi, a 20-year-old freelance movie editor, has netted $23,000 in the last eight months by taking first place in three best-video competitions, campaigning by giving away beer and reaching out to more than 100,000 “friends” on MySpace for votes.

He’s a marketer’s dream. By going to extraordinary lengths to persuade people to cast ballots in online contests, Piccardi has sent hundreds, even thousands, of users to websites that are trying to sell something.

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Concerted Efforts For ‘Live Earth’ Rest On Marketers’ Backing

This article has some good info about Live Earth, a concert happening this weekend to raise awareness about the state of the environment. The concert, the largest music event ever staged, marks the beginning of a multi-year campaign to dive people to take action to solve the climate crisis. I was hoever, surprised to learn that consumers are not getting the message from the corporate sponsors.

MediaPost Publications – Concerted Efforts For ‘Live Earth’ Rest On Marketers’ Backing – 07/06/2007

A SURVEY TAKEN JUST MORE than a week before Saturday’s Live Earth event showed that about half of Americans had no idea who was sponsoring the global concerts dedicated to raising awareness of climate change.

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Sports Toss More Than Soft Pitches for Latinos – Yahoo! News

Brands are finding huge ROI and consumer engagement among Latinos when they work with what’s relevant. Recently brands such as Macy’s and Full Throttle have teamed up with the LA Dodgers to tap into the over 1 million Hispanic Dodger fans. Also, over one third of MLS fans are Latino, not to metion the high rate of participation amongst Latinos in amature leagues and tournaments – has led to the involvement of sponsors from Honda to Burger King.

Sports Toss More Than Soft Pitches for Latinos – Yahoo! News

On any given game day, nearly half of the 56,000-seat stadium is filled with Latino fans. In early May, they watched in awe as the famous Lucha Libre Mexican wrestler went to bat for their hometown team.

Behind home turf at Dodger Stadium, the baseball team’s marketing team stood in a different kind of awe: the seamless activation of brands joining forces to make a connection with Hispanics in Los Angeles.

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What Was Old Is New as TV Revisits Branding

Turning products into integral elements of shows is new to contemporary
advertisers, but it was actually a mainstay of marketing from the ’30s
through the ’60s.


What Was Old Is New as TV Revisits Branding – New York Times
A COMING television series about Madison Avenue, set in the days when sponsors’ products were regularly woven into the plots of shows, is — yes — getting a sponsor whose product will be regularly woven into the plot of each episode.

Those advertising people, to paraphrase a line from the 1956 film “Written on the Wind,” so clever with ideas.

series is “Mad Men,” a look at the industry and those who chose it as a
career, circa 1960, as told through the employees and clients of a
fictitious agency called Sterling Cooper. The hourlong dramatic series
is to begin a 13-week run on July 19 on the AMC cable network.

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Goya Opens Concession At Yankee Stadium In Sponsorship

Latino consumers have been a growing part of the Major League Baseball fan base for a long time. From a consumer activation standpoint it completely makes sense for a company like Goya to go where their consumers are going. Besides, who wouldn’t want an alternative choice to hot dogs, pretzles and peanuts.


Goya Opens Concession At Yankee Stadium In Sponsorship – 04/13/2007

GOYA FOODS, THE LARGEST HISPANIC-OWNED food company in the U.S., is bringing the taste of Latin America to historic Yankee Stadium this season, as it becomes a new sponsor of the celebrated franchise.

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Tribeca Film Festival Adds Slew Of Big-Name Sponsors

A lot of big name sponsors have signed on to this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. Not only have the amount of sponsors grown, but also the depth of their participation in the event.

There is no doubt making an impression with the 1.5 million consumers who attended the festival since it began is a tremendous way to reach them. It seems as though many more brands are interested in reaching the consumer who is interested in these types of events.

This year, the festival sponsors include Montblanc, Target, Yahoo and AARP.


MediaPost Publications – Tribeca Film Festival Adds Slew Of Big-Name Sponsors – 03/27/2007
THE TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL, A project of actor Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal and now in its sixth year, is adding a raft of new sponsors for this year’s event, with brands Montblanc, Target, Yahoo, AARP and others joining a roster of some 50 corporate sponsors.

The festival–which runs from April 25 through May 6 this year–was founded in 2002 by De Niro, Rosenthal and Craig Hatkoff partly as an effort to revitalize Manhattan’s downtown, whose economy had been crippled by the 9/11 attacks.

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