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Spendy Co-Eds: Digitally-Engaged, Socially Responsible

Spendy Co-Eds: Digitally-Engaged, Socially Responsible – MarketingVOX

A record-level 13.6 million college students (age 18-30) will soon
arrive on campus and account for a record $237 billion in spending this
year — up 20 percent from ’07, according to Alloy Media + Marketing’s 8th annual College Explorer study, powered by Harris Interactive


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Ways to Teach Your Children to Find the Work They Love

Career anxiety – its being felt not by those in their mid-twenties who really should be making some career decisions, but by teenagers who are concerned about building the right resume and eventually supporting a family. Teens are used to the competition – the race to get into a good school starts early as kids are rushed around from soccer to piano lessons to volunteer work. Kids are tailoring their lives to fit into prescribed job attributes instead of letting their interests drive their careers.

Ways to Teach Your Children to Find the Work They Love –

Blame it on career anxiety, college counselors say. For a variety of reasons, many young adults are more anxious about career preparation than previous generations. (Not all young adults share this, of course; many parents wish their kids had a little more career anxiety, to propel them out of the house.) In my family, however, the evidence suggests I need some new parenting strategies.

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Marketers Pull Out All The Stops To Engage Students

Its that time – Back to School – and marketers are ready with new and interesting campaigns. CompUSA and OfficeMax are using TV show, sweeps and discounts to attract the young students. Also participating in the BTS time period will be electronic retailers pushing notebook computers as well as other fun gadgets.

MediaPost Publications – Marketers Pull Out All The Stops To Engage Students – 07/27/2007

CREATIVE AD CAMPAIGNS REQUIRE CREATIVITY, but retailers OfficeMax and CompUSA are taking extreme measures to impress the back-to-school crowd.

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More Business Schools Embrace ‘Green’ Agenda

In Europe and the U.S. alike, colleges and universities are responding to the desires of their students and developing programs for those who want to study environmentalism. It seems logical – there is a huge need for experts to help reduce global warming and a desire among students to become those experts – so of course the academia needs to act.

More Business Schools Embrace ‘Green’ Agenda –

Environmentalism is finding its way onto the agenda in M.B.A. programs across Europe, as students and faculty — like Europeans more broadly — are growing increasingly worried about the threat of global warming.

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Burger King’s odd ads attract a following – –

Burger King’s odd ads attract a following – –

Next year, you may be headed to the movies to see a film staring the Burger King. Seriously.

The movie, Above the King, is a comedy about a teen misfit, who just happens to live in an apartment over a Burger King restaurant, and his unlikely friendship with an aristrocrat.

Burger King plans to spend $5 million making the quirky movie, and is hoping for the cult appeal and success of Napoleon Dynamite. The movie is being shopped to Hollywood studios by the film’s executive producer, whose credits include co-producing Good Will Hunting.

If the movie gets made, it is likely to be the first mainstream film written and produced by a marketer and its ad agency, and it is part of what Burger King’s head of marketing calls “an allout full gallop to catch up with our consumer.”

Burger King’s “King” seems to be, well, the King of Cool. He’s got his own XBOX games; he’s got his own profile on Myspace with hundreds of thousands of fans; people want to be the King – there are user-created videos of people wearing the King mask; and King masks, which the company plans to offer at $10

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Social Networks See Back-to-School Drop-off

Social Networks See Back-to-School Drop-off
October 13, 2006
By Brian Morrissey

MySpace and YouTube were not alone in seeing fewer visitors.
NEW YORK Social media site traffic dropped in September as teens and college students returned to classes, according to data compiled by an Internet measurement firm.

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Joining the Party, Eager to Make Friends – New York Times

Joining the Party, Eager to Make Friends – New York Times

It seems like each day, more brands pop up on social networking sites or video-on-demand sites like YouTube. Slowly, more and more marketers are losining their grip around brands and in turn, giving up control to consumers.

This means moving beyond banner ads and integrate marketers into the fabric of online communities, such as Myspace and Facebook. In some cases brands give their ad characters new lives online. Marketers encourage the sites’ users to become “friends” with the character, and experimenting with more elaborate campaigns that take advantage of word-of-mouth effects of networking sites.

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Students aren’t the only ones headed back to school.

Financial institutions are swarming over college campuses, pushing promotions and free gifts to entice students to sign up for new bank accounts, credit cards and insurance policies. For many banks, students represent one of the fastest growing business segments. Moreover, their research shows that a young adult who opens an account often remains a loyal customer for many years to come.

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First Podcasts for Recruiting Law Students Are Introduced by Legal Insight Media: Financial News – Yahoo! Finance

First Podcasts for Recruiting Law Students Are Introduced by Legal Insight Media: Financial News – Yahoo! Finance
Legal Insight Media, Inc., a marketing company that helps law firms differentiate themselves using electronic media, announced today TrueView podcasts, the first podcasts designed for recruiting law firm associates. The first series of TrueView podcasts was created for prominent Boston law firm Goulston & Storrs to enable law students to download perspectives from current associates and partners on their experiences working at the firm.

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