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‘Gamma Women’ 55M Strong, Define New Marketing Model

‘Gamma Women’ 55M Strong, Define New Marketing Model – MarketingVOX

The number of Gamma women in America – those that influence a wide network of consumers and generate and disseminate new ideas and trends – is estimated at 55 million and growing.

Gamma personality profiles:

1. Connector: This type of woman believes people can accomplish more together than they can alone. She enjoys sharing her experiences, passions and recommendations with her network of friends and family. Fluent in social interactivity aspects of Web 2.0, her interest stems from motivation to keep in touch rather than a love of technology.
2. Catalyst: This type wants to impact her community, and ultimately the world at large, in meaningful ways. She finds great pleasure in volunteering her time and inspiring others to do the same.
3. Family-focused: This woman puts her family first; work exists to serve family needs. She looks to family and close friends to stay grounded and considers her loved ones her personal board of advisors. She uses technology to seek out information but relies more heavily on personal connections for support.
4. Do-it-yourself (DIY) creator: This profile lives life by her own compass and expresses herself by creating. She enjoys sharing ideas and techniques with fellow enthusiasts, and finding ways to bring creativity into daily life.
5. Challenge-seeker: This type of woman is always ready for a great adventure and focuses on possibilities rather than limits. She seeks out the exotic and challenging in all aspects of her life.


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Gen Y’s Favorite Brands

Gen Y’s Fave: Whole Foods

Hipsters may not have enough money to put food in their fridge, yet many are willing to pony up the extra cash for eco-friendly brands like Method. This was one of the takeaways from a recent survey conducted by Outlaw Consulting, San Francisco. The marketing firm polled 100 Gen Y consumers (ages 21-29) from among its panel of trendsetters living in Los Angeles, Miami, New York and San Francisco. The goal was to gauge what brands influencers perceive as being environmentally friendly.

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National Women’s Wine Competition Connects Winning Wines Directly to Consumers With Wines Women Love Shopping List(TM)

Wine knowledge has been an interest among women for a long time, and is definitely expanding to more and more women. The National Women’s Wine Competition will be taking place in March. The point of the event is to have top women identify and recommend wines to women consumers who may find purchasing wine a bit overwhelming or intimidating.

National Women’s Wine Competition Connects Winning Wines Directly to Consumers With Wines Women Love Shopping List(TM)

Entries are being accepted for the second annual National Women’s Wine Competition (, taking place March 16-19 in Santa Rosa, CA. The first and only U.S. wine competition judged entirely by women in the wine industry will assemble professional buyers, educators, media and winemakers — over 30 superstar women palates — to judge 2,500 entries from 30 U.S. states and 7 foreign countries. Medal-winning wines will be published in a Wines Women Love Shopping List(TM), a complimentary consumer “cheat sheet,” at the conclusion of the competition. The Shopping List(TM), which will organize the wines by price point, varietal, state, winery name and contact information, will be available April 1st at

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Double Trouble: Twin Skateboarding Sensations

These skateboarding twins are a big hit with tweens. Big companies are taking notice and hoping to grab the up-and-comers before they get too hot.

Making sure a brand’s spokesperson or endorsee is right for the brand and the target consumers is really important. If consumers think it’s a forced or forged partnership the brand will surely feel the effect.


ABC News: Skateboarding’s Stars: 9-Year-Old Twins
Skateboarding is all about big moves, big risks and big air. But one thing you will notice about some of the extreme sport’s newest big stars is that they’re not very big at all. In fact, they’re 9 years old.

Occasionally 9-year-old twins Nic and Tristan Puehse behave like your
average kids, but of course your average kids are not backed by some of
the world’s most recognizable companies, including Sony, Gatorade and

Nic and Tristan aren’t sure why all these companies sponsor
them. The “why” has everything to do with the booming sport of
skateboarding and the booming $5 billion business of skateboarding. One
market research firm estimates about 12 million American teens now
skateboard; that’s more than play baseball.

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Chivas Bringing Back 25-Year-Old Scotch

Chivas is going to be bringing back it’s 25-year-old scotch which has been off the market for a long time. The brand is making a come back by targeting premium scotch drinkers at places where the intellectuals congregate.

MediaPost Publications – Chivas Bringing Back 25-Year-Old Scotch – 10/10/2007

CHIVAS REGAL 25-YEAR-OLD SCOTCH DISAPPEARED after WWI and Prohibition–but Chivas, which first launched the brand in 1909 as a 25-year-old, high-end Scotch, is bringing it back.

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Boost Mobile Introduces Its Thinnest Walkie-Talkie Phone Ever

Boost Mobile has released a sleek new phone to add to its collection of walkie talkie phones. Boost’s phones are targeted at today’s style-conscience youth along with their pay-as-you-go service.

Boost Mobile Introduces Its Thinnest Walkie-Talkie Phone Ever

RVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Boost Mobile®, a lifestyle-based telecommunications brand and wholly-owned division of Sprint (NYSE:S) has added the Boost-branded Motorola i425t and i425e handsets – the slimmest iDEN network Walkie-Talkie phones ever – to its cell phone offering. Available now exclusively from Boost, both cell phones feature a sleek, lightweight candy-bar design that is less than 1/2″ thick and weighs a mere 3.88 oz.

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Diageo, Zagat To Offer Guide To Drinking Well

People who enjoy eating out like it not only for the food, but for the ambiance, trying new things and of course the drinks. Alcohol consumption can require a certain amount of sophistication (depending on who your friends are) and acquired taste. Diageo has partnered with Zagat to provide people with a guide to drinking well because so much of an evening out revolves around consuming alcohol.

MediaPost Publications – Diageo, Zagat To Offer Guide To Drinking Well – 09/20/2007

DIAGEO HAS TEAMED WITH ZAGAT to create an online guide to restaurants dedicated to serving premium spirits.

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The Knitting Circle Shows Its Chic

If needlework has been transformed from a homely pastime into a
legitimate fashion pursuit, is it any wonder that some artisans are
marketing their handwork online and at cutting-edge boutiques? And
influencing designers in turn.


The Knitting Circle Shows Its Chic – New York Times
TEVA DURHAM is an unlikely idol, a soberly outfitted, plain-talking mother with a passion for quirky yarns. But to her fans, who snap up her how-to-knit books by the tens of thousands, Ms. Durham is the undisputed mistress of stitchery.

Those admirers, often young and aesthetically inclined, follow her
patterns — casting on, increasing, decreasing — with unwavering
fidelity. As well they might. Ms. Durham’s artfully crafted stockings
and skirts, open-work dresses and cardigans vie in style and intricacy
with many of their counterparts on the fashion runways.

Just a
few years ago, the assertion that hand-stitched garments could compete
with designer wares would have raised derisive hoots from the fashion
set, which viewed the needle crafts as the domain of ladies in buns and
harlequin glasses. As Ms. Durham acknowledged mildly, “People still
think of knitting as, you know, a homey hobby.”

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Drinker’s Paradise: The Top Social Networks Where Alcohol is Allowed

Top social networkd where alcohol is allowed. Sites for connoisseurs and partiers alike have popped up on the web – whatever you interest, there is a site for you.

Drinker’s Paradise: The Top Social Networks Where Alcohol is Allowed

n good times and bad, alcohol sales stay consistent. Thus, if the supposed Web 2.0 bubble pops, these social networking sites catered to beer, wine, and spirits enthusiasts should have no problem surviving the shakeout. Mashable reminds you to post pictures of your less flattering moments responsibly.

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Vivaldi Arrives Fashionably Late

Classical music attracts a new group of trendsetters.


Vivaldi Arrives Fashionably Late – New York Times
IN fashion, everything old eventually becomes new again. No matter how old.

Still, it was surprising to see about 85 of the fashion world’s young
tastemakers turn out on Thursday not to see Lily Allen or Arcade Fire,
but the Dutch violinist Janine Jansen. The private recital wasn’t at Carnegie Hall,
that Midtown stalwart that is probably more foreign to many of those in
attendance than Paris or Milan, and where she was scheduled to play two
days later. Instead, it took place at one of their more familiar
stomping grounds: Milk Studios on West 15th Street in Manhattan, one of
New York’s best known fashion photography studios.

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