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Hispanics Up Ante on Consumer Electronics Spend

Hispanics Up Ante on Consumer Electronics Spend – MarketingVOX

US Hispanics are more likely than non-Hispanics to buy consumer electronics in the next year, according to (pdf) the Customer Focus Opiniones study from Vertis Communications.


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Black women embrace tech gadgets

Black women embrace tech gadgets

Five times as many black women — 36%– use cell phones for three or more hours a day compared to other women, according to research by Time Inc.’s Essence magazine. Black women also spend more extended time using iPods, computers, high-definition TVs and DVD players. The findings defy an image of technology consumers focused on young men, says Carmen Bryant, director of consumer research for the magazine.

Black women use technology to gain control over their lives, but also see it as a way to express style and personality, Bryant says.

The survey found 42% of black women report spending $100 to $499 or more on cell phones compared to 26% of other women. Black women also embrace new mobile technology, with 21% of them using cell phone Web browsers to make purchases compared to 8% of other women.

Bryant says it’s important for electronics marketers to recognize these women as influential consumers. “They tend to be the primary decision makers in households, in part because two thirds of African-American households are led by women,” she says.

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The Coupon’s New Life Online

Consumed – Silicon Clips – The Coupon’s New Life Online –

Coupon redemption has been falling steadily for more than a decade — until, it turns out, relatively recently. Of course, it’s the sluggish economy that’s inspiring this return to thriftiness — along with a newer digital iteration of coupon culture.

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Forrester Technographics Benchmark Survey: Gen Y a Generation Apart

Forrester Technographics Benchmark Survey: Gen Y a Generation Apart – MarketingVOX

Although Gen Y (those 18-28 years old) is a small generation, comprising just 38 million US adults, they set the pace for technology adoption – 9 in 10 own a PC and 82 percent own a mobile phone – according to Forrester Research’s 2008 North American Technographics Benchmark survey, MarketingCharts reports.

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Keeping Pace: The Evolution of Marketing and Branding

The 2.0 world is evolving rapidly, creating new promotions and
marketing opportunities such as RSS feeds, podcasting, blogging,
talking avatars and widgets everywhere.


Keeping Pace: The Evolution of Marketing and Branding
In the digital space, the world of marketing and branding is constantly changing. New technology developments are prompting companies to take a fresh look at the ways they reach and interact with their vendors and customers.

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Nintendo Hopes Its ‘Wii Fit’ Works Out

Nintendo’s Wii has come out with a new game targeted at women looking to lose some weight.


Nintendo Hopes Its ‘Wii Fit’ Works Out –
Nintendo’s Wii gaming console introduced sedentary gamers to the idea of moving off the couch. Now Nintendo is coming out with the Wii Fit, an add-on to the gaming system designed to appeal to women looking to lose weight.

The $90 attachment, dubbed the “Balance Board,” expands the range of
games that can be played on the Wii to include activities such as yoga
and push-ups. The Balance Board — which resembles bathroom scales —
also tracks a user’s weight and body-mass index.

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Younger Workers More Likely to Break Corporate Rules for Web Apps

Before jumping in – I thought I’d mention that I am sitting right now at my desk at the office…

A new study released by Symantec reveals something that the young office workers didn’t want anyone to know – they are on social networking sites, streaming music in iTunes, chatting on IM, and sometimes even playing games online while at work. The interesting part is that Gen Y is so good at multitaksing that their web habits tend not to interfere with their productivity.

With so many people comfortable with Web 2.0 applications Symantec is asking why companies are not choosing office applications that use the skills Gen Y has aquired.

Younger Workers More Likely to Break Corporate Rules for Web Apps

Growing up in the digital age, Millennials (those born after 1980) are far less likely to leave their preference of technology, specifically Web 2.0 applications, behind as they head to work.

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Short Kindle supply is keeping e-book fans waiting

Prospective buyers who click on the link for the Kindle e-book reader at the top
of Amazon’s home page are informed that due to heavy demand the product is
“temporarily sold out.” The online retailer won’t reveal how many have been sold
or when supply will catch up with demand. But judging from online discussion
groups, the wait time seems to be about four to six weeks.

Do you think that Kindle is really catching on? Is it here to stay or just a fad?


Short Kindle supply is keeping e-book fans waiting –
Julie Ann Shapiro’s debut novel Jen-Zen and the One Shoe Diaries is among more than 100,000 digital titles for sale on Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader. But the author is one of many readers who cannot get hold of a Kindle. “I wish I could tell you I had one,” she sighs. “Most people I know are frustrated about not getting one.”

Amazon (AMZN) launched the paperback-size gadget to considerable fanfare last November. But prospective buyers who click on the Kindle links at the top of Amazon’s home page are informed that due to heavy demand the product is “temporarily sold out.”

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To Aim Ads, Web Is Keeping Closer Eye on You

A new analysis of online consumer data shows that large Web companies
are learning more about people than ever from what they search for and
do on the Internet.


To Aim Ads, Web Is Keeping Closer Eye on You – New York Times
A famous New Yorker cartoon from 1993 showed two dogs at a computer, with one saying to the other, “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.”

That may no longer be true.

A new analysis of online consumer
data shows that large Web companies are learning more about people than
ever from what they search for and do on the Internet, gathering clues
about the tastes and preferences of a typical user several hundred
times a month.

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Building a Brand with Widgets

The customizable bits of software on Facebook and other social networking sites are the latest trend in viral marketing. But are widgets here to stay?


Building a Brand with Widgets
The cards were stacked against A&E Television Network as it tried to generate positive buzz about its new series, Parking Wars. For one, it’s a reality show about meter readers. Two, the show doesn’t feature celebrities. “We thought if we could find a clever way of increasing consumer interaction with the concept behind the show that we would increase curiosity in the show itself,” says Lori Peterzell, A&E’s vice-president for consumer marketing.

So A&E hired area/code, a multimedia game developer, to build an online game based on Parking Wars. Played on the social network Facebook,
the game has users park virtual cars on friends’ profile pages, or
“streets,” while slapping tickets on cars parked on their own page and
avoiding tickets themselves.

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