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Online Video Viewing Surges

Did you watch a video online last month? You’re not alone. US Internet users viewed 11.5 billion online videos in March 2008.


Research Brief » Blog Archive » Online Video Viewing Surges
According to data from the comScore Video Metrix service, U.S. Internet users viewed 11.5 billion online videos during March, 2008, representing a 13-percent gain versus February and a 64-percent gain versus March 2007.


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Nestle’s Purina Extends

Home movies of your dog – what better way to preserve their memory. Purina is expanding the social networking effort with new videos and a chance for consumers to win a trip to the Big Apple.

Nestle’s Purina Extends – 05/06/2008

Purina brand is beefing up on videos, as it extends a program begun last year to get consumers to upload home movies of their dogs. The effort, centered at social-media site, is the latest in a series of web-based efforts that began last year.

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Practicing the Subtle Sell of Placing Products on Webisodes

American Eagle Outfitters is at the forefront of a trend toward
advertainment, making videos to engross viewers while glamorizing a


Practicing the Subtle Sell of Placing Products on Webisodes – New York Times
AMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS, the retailer that sells jeans, T-shirts and hoodies for the 15- to-25-year-old set, has been at the forefront of the trend toward advertainment, in which companies make videos to engross viewers while glamorizing a particular brand.

Last summer, on its Web site,, American Eagle introduced a dedicated media channel called 77e, which plays music and videos. The idea was to make visitors intrigued enough by what they saw to entice them to click further and buy clothes. Much of the content on the channel has been commissioned specifically as entertainment and used the American Eagle brand almost incidentally.

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Attractive Demographics at Second Tier Video Sites

Video sites such as and MetaCafe, while not as well recognized as YouTube, are getting enough traffic these days to get noticed. That hard to reach male target is there!

Center for Media Research – Daily Brief

comScore recently released a study from its comScore Video Metrix service of U.S. video streaming activity of up-and-coming video-sharing sites. The study examined six video-sharing sites that did not make the top 10 U.S. video properties for the month, but reveals that French site had a particularly strong position in the U.S. video-sharing market in April 2007.

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70 Percent of US Web Users Streamed Video in March

Americans are gobbling up video on the web more frequently than ever. A new study shows that the average online video viewer consumed 55 video streams during the month of March.

Center for Media Research – Daily Brief

comScore released its comScore Video Metrix rankings for March 2007, showing Google Sites as the top U.S. streaming video property with 57.4 million unique people streaming (“streamers”) and 1.2 billion video streams initiated. drove the lion’s share of the video streaming activity at the Google Sites property with 53.5 million unique streamers and 1.1 billion streams initiated.

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Whole Foods Market(R) Launches Weekly Online Cooking Show

Whole Foods is adding an online cooking show as part of its offerings.


Whole Foods Market(R) Launches Weekly Online Cooking Show: Financial News – Yahoo! Finance
AUSTIN, Texas, May 7 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — For almost 27 years, shoppers seeking out culinary treasures from around the world have turned to Whole Foods Market (Nasdaq: WFMI – News). Today, the natural and organic grocer launches Secret Ingredient, its first-ever weekly online cooking show and resource for home cooks seeking useful tips and exciting yet simple recipe ideas.

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Nearly 100 Million Americans Have Streamed Video: Study

A new study suggests nearly 100 million Americans have streamed video online. The study counts the overall U.S. population age 12 or older.

With these kinds of numbers, it’s hard to ignore this medium. In order for brands to be relevant with younger consumers, they will have to find a way to effectively reach them online.


Nearly 100 Million Americans Have Streamed Video: Study
New research from Ipsos Insight suggests that streaming video, epitomized by the YouTube phenomenon, is not only here to stay, but is becoming a common way for all age groups to view content.

According to its biannual study of digital video behavior, Motion, 44% of the overall U.S. population age 12 or older—or approximately 100 million Americans—have streamed a digital video file off of the Internet.

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Bag the cat? Uh, promo might not be good idea

A promotion for a fast food restaurant encouraging people to dress their cats in its to-go bags has got some people upset.


Hillsborough: Bag the cat? Uh, promo might not be good idea
TAMPA – Participating in the latest marketing campaign from the folks at Checkers could get you charged with animal cruelty in the company’s home county.

As part of its “Rap Cat” campaign, the Tampa operators of drive-through restaurants is asking its patrons to do just that – wrap their cats in one of their to-go bags. The company is providing paper bags fashioned after a basketball jersey, with a No. 15, a mock gold dollar-sign necklace and slots to cut out for the legs and tail of the cat. The head would stick out of the bag’s opening.

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The net’s top viral videos in one place

USA Today, with help from Radar Magazine, lists the top viral video places online.


The net’s top viral videos in one place – On Deadline –
One of the best things about the evolution of the Internet is the availability of user-generated content, such as the comments you can leave at USA TODAY — after registering, of course — and the videos you can post to YouTube and other file-sharing portals.

To help you sift through all the wannabe auteurs, Radar
has compiled some of the Internet’s best viral videos for a story
entitled “Prisoners of YouTube: Meet the most hilarious people ever to
lose their jobs, friends, livelihoods, and their dignity—all for your
personal amusement.”

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Toyota’s Scion Skews Young With Webisodes

Toyota’s Scion Skews Young With Webisodes
Scion, the young-skewing car brand from Toyota, is launching a series of Webisodes to promote its racing team.

The eight Webisodes follow members of the Scion
racing team and will be put on the site in mid-to-late February.

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