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Amazon to enter US wine market

The world’s largest online retailer, Amazon, is starting to sell wine in the U.S.

~A / Companies / Retailing & leisure – Amazon to enter US wine market
Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, is to start selling wine in the US, entering a business fraught with regulatory complexities and littered with the wreckage of previous failures.

Amazon is looking to recruit a senior wine buyer, whom it says will be responsible for “the acquisition of a massive new product selection” for its site. The wine sales will augment a rapidly expanding non-perishable groceries business that Amazon launched two years ago.


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National Women’s Wine Competition Connects Winning Wines Directly to Consumers With Wines Women Love Shopping List(TM)

Wine knowledge has been an interest among women for a long time, and is definitely expanding to more and more women. The National Women’s Wine Competition will be taking place in March. The point of the event is to have top women identify and recommend wines to women consumers who may find purchasing wine a bit overwhelming or intimidating.

National Women’s Wine Competition Connects Winning Wines Directly to Consumers With Wines Women Love Shopping List(TM)

Entries are being accepted for the second annual National Women’s Wine Competition (, taking place March 16-19 in Santa Rosa, CA. The first and only U.S. wine competition judged entirely by women in the wine industry will assemble professional buyers, educators, media and winemakers — over 30 superstar women palates — to judge 2,500 entries from 30 U.S. states and 7 foreign countries. Medal-winning wines will be published in a Wines Women Love Shopping List(TM), a complimentary consumer “cheat sheet,” at the conclusion of the competition. The Shopping List(TM), which will organize the wines by price point, varietal, state, winery name and contact information, will be available April 1st at

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Newman’s Own Is Out With Wine Line

Newman’s Own is adding wines to its list of products.


MediaPost Publications – Newman’s Own Is Out With Wine Line – 01/31/2008
NEWMAN’S OWN, THE BRAND CREATED by actor Paul Newman, is out with wins, a 2006 California Chardonnay and a 2006 California Cabernet Sauvignon.

The high-end wines are crafted from select grapes from California’s premiere coastal vineyards, including Napa, Sonoma and San Luis Obispo counties.

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Wine Marketer Launches Multi-City, Grassroots Road Show

Imagine this – you don’t have to drive to go experience a winery, but the winery comes to you.

MediaPost Publications – Wine Marketer Launches Multi-City, Grassroots Road Show – 08/06/2007

IF THE MOVIE “SIDEWAYS” SAYS anything about the wine industry, it’s that people not only love to drink wine, they love to visit wineries. To try to bring that experience to a broader audience, the Robert Mondavi Private Selection brand is going to begin a road show that lends a winery experience to a multi-city grassroots effort.

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Drinker’s Paradise: The Top Social Networks Where Alcohol is Allowed

Top social networkd where alcohol is allowed. Sites for connoisseurs and partiers alike have popped up on the web – whatever you interest, there is a site for you.

Drinker’s Paradise: The Top Social Networks Where Alcohol is Allowed

n good times and bad, alcohol sales stay consistent. Thus, if the supposed Web 2.0 bubble pops, these social networking sites catered to beer, wine, and spirits enthusiasts should have no problem surviving the shakeout. Mashable reminds you to post pictures of your less flattering moments responsibly.

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When the Wine Is Green

Organic wine was once thought of a poor quality, but things are changing. Retailers are stocking it and restaurants are showcasing it – and its all due to the growing demand for it.


When the Wine Is Green – New York Times

Green has not yet replaced red or white or even pink as the most important color in deciding which wines to buy, but people have started to think about it. Words like organic, biodynamic, natural and sustainable are increasingly resonating with consumers, not just because they are concerned about health and the environment, but because they are beginning to associate them with great wine, the way organic has become a synonym for high-quality produce.

That’s largely because the growing number of producers who practice some form of natural grape growing and winemaking do so not just because they see it as environmentally responsible but because they believe these methods make better wine.

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Red Wine Sales Outpace White On News Of Health Benefits – 04/03/2007

When the news reports talk about the health benefits of red wine, consumers want to be sure they don’t miss out. Nielsen has recently released figures that show a correlation between this information and the increase in sales.


Red Wine Sales Outpace White On News Of Health Benefits – 04/03/2007
EW FIGURES OUT FROM THE Nielsen Company appear to show a distinct correspondence between news announcements that linked the consumption of red wine to health benefits and a surge in volume sales of said red wine.

In the 20 weeks ending March 10, the sales growth of red wine outpaced sales growth of the category by 40%, says Danny Brager, vice president/client services for Nielsen Beverage Alcohol. “Sales of red wine were up 8.5% versus the period a year ago, while sales of white wine were up only 4.8% and total wine sales were up 6%,” he says. “Before this period, white wine was growing faster than red.”

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Fisheye Positions Self As Latest In Wine Packaging

Fisheye wines are taking aim at consumers 25 to 40 with its new packaging push. The ads will be running during prime-time shows, and showcase six of the wines. Additionally, consumers have the chance to post reviews and photos on the company’s Web site, along wit hwarm and cold weather recipes for meals to accompany each wine, five “soundtracks” and a site tour.


MediaPost Publications – Fisheye Positions Self As Latest In Wine Packaging – 03/06/2007
CALIFORNIA WINEMAKER FISHEYE WINES IS rolling out a $4.5 million national TV ad campaign that highlights the packaging of its award-winning wines, marketing its premium wine cask to 25- to 40-year-old wine drinkers.

The spots, which are airing during ABC hit
dramas “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Lost,” and “Desperate Housewives,” also aired
during E!’s Academy Awards’ Red Carpet shows and will run through the
first half of 2007. Kase Media Solutions, San Francisco, did the media
planning and purchasing for FishEye.

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Millennials Prefer Imported Wine To Domestic

New research shows consumers ages 21 to 30 prefer imported wine to domestic.


MediaPost Publications – Millennials Prefer Imported Wine To Domestic – 02/21/2007
MARKET RESEARCH COMMISSIONED BY THE Wine Market Council shows that consumers ages 21 to 30 are more likely to buy imported wine than U.S. wines–an ominous development for domestic producers in a hyper-competitive industry.

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U.S. Wine Sales Ripen On Improved Marketing

Better marketing by U.S. wineries drove sales passed 300 million cases last year for the first time. Packaging and names that contain a concept the consumer can understand are the driving forces behind this.

Having a meaningful message and impactful way of delivering to the consumer results in better sales.


MediaPost Publications – U.S. Wine Sales Ripen On Improved Marketing – 01/26/2007 SALES OF WINE IN THE U.S. last year passed 300 million cases for the first time, driven by improved marketing by wineries, publicity about wine’s potential health benefits and an increasing acceptance of the beverage as a part of everyday American life.

Elaine Smith, owner of an eponymous wine consultancy in Sacramento, Calif., said that large, multinational corporations have made big leaps in the ways they market their premium categories.

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