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Green behavior not just a fad

Study: ‘Green Evangelists’ Are Spreading Eco-Friendly Message

Consumer interest in green living seems to be here to stay. A new study questions previous studies that claim consumers are growing weary of green attitudes: About 19% of 3,200 young consumers are “green evangelists” and actively recommend companies that are eco-friendly.


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Boomers Are Not Bloggers

Boomers More Traditional Online – Not into Blogs, Social Networking

People over age 40 participate heavily in word-of-mouth and value personal recommendations and expert opinions, but they have not embraced social networking or blogs despite being heavy users of other online services, according to a ThirdAge/JWT Boom study.

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Brands Are Big Word-Of-Mouth Topics Among New Moms

As might be guessed, 64% have at least one conversation per day about
children’s products (versus 33% for total women and 25% for total public). But
discussions go far beyond kid-oriented products/brands, finds the Keller Fay
Group Pregnant women and new moms engage in one-third more WOM conversations
per day than women in general or consumers as a whole, and almost two-thirds of
their conversations include brand recommendations.


MediaPost Publications – Brands Are Big Word-Of-Mouth Topics Among New Moms – 04/21/2008
When it comes to word-of-mouth (WOM) buzz about products–and specific brands–across a wide range of categories, expectant and new mothers are the champs, according to a new study from online resource BabyCenter and WOM-focused market research firm the Keller Fay Group.

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Family, Friends Most Influential on Shoppers

Word-of-mouth–especially from family and friends–leads the pack in terms of
influence on brand choice, but marketers still face a major challenge making it
scalable, according to new data from Publicis media network ZenithOptimedia. As
powerful as it may be, “we as an industry are not doing as good a job as we
could do in generating it,” says Bruce Goerlich, ZenithOptimedia’s president of
strategic resources, North America.


Family, Friends Most Influential on Shoppers – Advertising Age – MediaWorks
NEW YORK ( — Recommendations from family and friends trump all other consumer touchpoints when it comes to influencing purchases, according to new data from Publicis media network ZenithOptimedia.

The data comes from ZenithOptimedia’s Touchpoints ROI Tracker, a
comprehensive project comprising over 300,000 interviews across 34
countries and covering more than 4,000 brands in 126 product and
service categories.

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Buzz Sells New Film for the Graying Set

Hoping to generate buzz and box-office dollars, SenArt has been working
for the last few months to get its target audience talking about the
film before it opens. The producers struck marketing partnerships with Princess Cruises, the
American Automobile Association and the Red Hat Society, an
international social organization for women “approaching 50 and
beyond.” Santa Clarita, Calif.-based Princess Cruises has for the past
two weeks been screening the 93-minute movie on 16 of its ships. Not
only has the movie run in 800-seat auditoriums aboard some, but the
trailer has also been running on cabin televisions.


Buzz Sells New Film for the Graying Set –
In the movie business, word-of-mouth marketing is usually reserved for hipster or art-house films like “Juno” — they are screened for key audiences in hopes of generating positive buzz. Now, the tactic is being deployed for an older audience, in hopes of turning them out for a new film called “Bonneville” aimed at women.

The $4 million chick flick is a road-trip movie for the graying set with a prominent cast including Oscar winners Kathy Bates and Jessica Lange and past nominee Joan Allen. In part because it is aimed at a demographic that is no longer a strong part of the theatrical movie audience, it failed to attract theatrical distribution from a major studio, and was instead headed for a DVD release.

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MediaPost Publications – Disney Brand Taps Moms’ Marketing Magic – 02/22/2008

Word of Mouth… a buzz word in 2006 still has marketing power, especially among moms. The personal experience of real consumers is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to selling porducts in crowded categories.

THERE’S NO BETTER GOLD STAR than a glowing review from a mom who has
tried the product. So when Baby Einstein put plans in place to create
a national advertising campaign and redesigned Web site, it turned the
spotlights and the cameras on real moms to tell compelling stories.
MediaPost Publications – Disney Brand Taps Moms’ Marketing Magic – 02/22/2008

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Forget Tupperware, modern women hold Taser parties

Taser is using word-of-mouth and at-home parties as its latest venue for sales. Similar to Tupperware and purse parties, Taser parties can include trying out the product, testimonials and even games.


Forget Tupperware, modern women hold Taser parties – 01/08/2008 –
GILBERT, Ariz. —
Before she lets them shoot her little pink stun gun, Dana Shafman ushers her new friends to the living room sofa for a serious chat about the fears she believes they all share.

”The worst nightmare for me is, while I’m sleeping, someone coming in my home,” Shafman says, drawing a few solemn nods from the women. Shafman, 34, of Phoenix, says she knows how they feel. She says she used to stash knives under her pillow for protection.

Welcome, she says, to the Taser party.

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Practicing the Subtle Sell of Placing Products on Webisodes

American Eagle Outfitters is at the forefront of a trend toward
advertainment, making videos to engross viewers while glamorizing a


Practicing the Subtle Sell of Placing Products on Webisodes – New York Times
AMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS, the retailer that sells jeans, T-shirts and hoodies for the 15- to-25-year-old set, has been at the forefront of the trend toward advertainment, in which companies make videos to engross viewers while glamorizing a particular brand.

Last summer, on its Web site,, American Eagle introduced a dedicated media channel called 77e, which plays music and videos. The idea was to make visitors intrigued enough by what they saw to entice them to click further and buy clothes. Much of the content on the channel has been commissioned specifically as entertainment and used the American Eagle brand almost incidentally.

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Gatorade gives audience an early look at Super Bowl ads

As demand and prices continue to rise for the huge TV event, marketers
are trying to get more bang for their 2.7 million bucks, the record ad
rate for 30 seconds in this year’s game. Now, some marketers are giving consumers a sneak peek of their commercials online almost 2 months before they air.


Gatorade gives audience an early look at Super Bowl ads –
Pre-game advertising in the NFL’s Super Bowl used to mean buying a cheaper ad slot in the hours leading up to the game. This year it means promoting the pricey ads in the months leading up to the Feb. 3 ad fest on Fox.

Starting Thursday, Gatorade gives a sneak peek at their Super Bowl ads featuring sports stars Derek Jeter and Dwayne Wade.

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New Marketing Style: Clicks and Mortar

Customer reviews are a ripe area for brick-and-mortar retailers. They have proven to be effective sales tools at, eBay and other big sites. Consumers say the testimonials reassure them when buying. It is one of a number of strategies that retailers are borrowing from the Internet these days.


New Marketing Style: Clicks and Mortar –
Among the new features that stores are trotting out this year to help shoppers decide what to buy: testimonials from other customers.

Taking a page from the e-commerce world, companies including Cabela’s and Staples are featuring endorsements from shoppers in their product displays. People who visit one of Cabela’s 26 stores can see a sign for a Texsport combination fan and light. The display includes a “five-star” consumer rating and a July 16 review from AlanK of Kansas City, Mo., who writes: “As someone who does a lot of summertime tent camping, I can’t begin to tell [you] how valuable this little combo is. I hang it over my cot every night and I have a bright reading light and a cool breeze to go with it.”

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