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Understanding ‘Digital Divas’

Understanding ‘Digital Divas’

“We sought to answer the burning questions keeping brand managers and advertisers up at night: How are women in the digital age different from women of past generations?” said Beth Uyenco, global research director of Microsoft’s advertiser and publisher solutions. “How can brands leverage digital media to deepen relationships with them?”


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Gen X, Gen Y Moms Use Internet Differently

Gen X, Gen Y Moms Use Internet Differently – MarketingVOX

Though both Generation X and Generation Y moms view the internet as a must-have tool for finding child-rearing information, there is a significant generational difference in their online behaviors and preferences, according to a study from The Parenting Group and NewMediaMetrics.

Gen Y moms are much more attached to media that connects them to other moms online – such as internet communities, blogs and video-sharing sites – suggesting they prefer to rely on peers rather than experts to help them parent, according to the study.

In contrast, Gen X moms are less attached to digital media as a whole. They are more likely to engage in task-oriented activities such as shopping online and uploading photos

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‘Gamma Women’ 55M Strong, Define New Marketing Model

‘Gamma Women’ 55M Strong, Define New Marketing Model – MarketingVOX

The number of Gamma women in America – those that influence a wide network of consumers and generate and disseminate new ideas and trends – is estimated at 55 million and growing.

Gamma personality profiles:

1. Connector: This type of woman believes people can accomplish more together than they can alone. She enjoys sharing her experiences, passions and recommendations with her network of friends and family. Fluent in social interactivity aspects of Web 2.0, her interest stems from motivation to keep in touch rather than a love of technology.
2. Catalyst: This type wants to impact her community, and ultimately the world at large, in meaningful ways. She finds great pleasure in volunteering her time and inspiring others to do the same.
3. Family-focused: This woman puts her family first; work exists to serve family needs. She looks to family and close friends to stay grounded and considers her loved ones her personal board of advisors. She uses technology to seek out information but relies more heavily on personal connections for support.
4. Do-it-yourself (DIY) creator: This profile lives life by her own compass and expresses herself by creating. She enjoys sharing ideas and techniques with fellow enthusiasts, and finding ways to bring creativity into daily life.
5. Challenge-seeker: This type of woman is always ready for a great adventure and focuses on possibilities rather than limits. She seeks out the exotic and challenging in all aspects of her life.

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Marketers court women online

Advertising – Woman to Woman, Online –

Media companies and advertisers are flocking to grab the attention of Web-browsing women, whose purchasing power for the home makes them a highly sought-after demographic segment. The number of visitors to “Mommy blogs” and other sites that tend to attract a predominantly female readership has nearly doubled since July 2006, according to comScore data.

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Happy Women Want Less Housework, Better Sex

Happy Women Want Less Housework, Better Sex – MarketingVOX

Nearly all US women (94 percent) are satisfied with their lives and
ability to balance multiple roles and responsibilities, but only half
of married/partnered women are satisfied with their sex lives and the
division of labor at home, according to (PDF) a Meredith Corp. and NBC Universal survey, writes MarketingCharts.

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Study: Skinny Women Better for Bottom Line

Study: Skinny Women Better for Bottom Line – Advertising Age – News

Women who view ads featuring thin models are likely to come away with both a positive impression of the product being marketed and negative feelings about themselves, according to a study of 194 college-aged women. “The really interesting result we’re seeing across multiple studies is that these thin models make women feel bad, but they like it,” said a Villanova business professor.

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DIY Enthusiasm Dims As More Women Say ‘Do It For Me!’

MediaPost Publications – DIY Enthusiasm Dims As More Women Say ‘Do It For Me!’ – 07/31/2008

Vertis Communications’ Scott Marden thinks there are actually plenty of opportunities for home-improvement stores. Its research found, in fact, that these stores are still shoppers’ favorite starting point, with 57% turning to large home improvement stores first for home-improvement needs.

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Black women embrace tech gadgets

Black women embrace tech gadgets

Five times as many black women — 36%– use cell phones for three or more hours a day compared to other women, according to research by Time Inc.’s Essence magazine. Black women also spend more extended time using iPods, computers, high-definition TVs and DVD players. The findings defy an image of technology consumers focused on young men, says Carmen Bryant, director of consumer research for the magazine.

Black women use technology to gain control over their lives, but also see it as a way to express style and personality, Bryant says.

The survey found 42% of black women report spending $100 to $499 or more on cell phones compared to 26% of other women. Black women also embrace new mobile technology, with 21% of them using cell phone Web browsers to make purchases compared to 8% of other women.

Bryant says it’s important for electronics marketers to recognize these women as influential consumers. “They tend to be the primary decision makers in households, in part because two thirds of African-American households are led by women,” she says.

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Blogging’s Glass Ceiling

Blogging’s Glass Ceiling –

Last weekend, about a thousand bloggers, almost all without the Y chromosome, attended the annual BlogHer conference, which began in 2005 to help female bloggers gain exposure. It has since evolved into a corporate-sponsored Oprah-inflected version of a ’60s consciousness-raising group.

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Gaming Now Mainstream Entertainment

The Entertainment Software Association – News Releases

Gaming Now Mainstream Entertainment

According to a new survey by the Entertainment Software Association, forty percent of gamers are women, and usage behaviors indicate that the average age of game players has risen to 35.

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