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Brown Bagging It Becomes Fashionable

Brown Bagging It Becomes Fashionable

Brown bagging is at an all-time high since 2001, per the NPD Group, Port Washington, New York. Adults ages 18-and-older consumed some 8.5 billion brown-bag lunches last year (38 bagged lunches per capita compared to 35 in 2006).

Nearly 12% of lunchtime opportunities were brought from home as of the year ended February 2008. In contrast, the February  2007 figure was 11.3%. Of those polled, cost-saving was the primary motivation.


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Employers Using SocNets to Research Job Candidates

Employers Using SocNets to Research Job Candidates – MarketingVOX

One in five hiring managers (22 percent) say they use social-networking sites to research job candidates, up from 11 percent in 2006 – and an additional 9 percent say they plan to start doing so – according to a nationwide survey of some 3,100 employers, reports MarketingCharts.

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More Consumers Brown-Bagging Lunch

More Consumers Brown-Bagging Lunch: NPD

More Consumers Brown-Bagging Lunch

The brown-bagged lunch is becoming an increasingly popular
workplace accessory these days, according to a new study from
market research firm the NPD Group. Indeed, weekday lunches toted
from home reached a new high in 2007 among adults 18 and older, 8.5
billion of which carried brown-bag lunches last year. More than
half of these lunches are consumed at the workplace, and most often
at the eater’s desk or workstation.

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For a Good Retirement, Find Work. Good Luck.

Ideas and Trends – For a Good Retirement, Find Work. Good Luck. –

Boomers stay in the workforce longer to boost their standard of living
Some baby boomers plan to remain in the workforce into their mid-60s as part of an effort to boost their standard of living in retirement. Waiting longer to claim Social Security benefits also allows retirees to pocket larger checks under the federal program. However, some experts note that some companies remain reluctant to retain or hire older workers.

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Advertise To Workers At Work To Influence Purchases

At-work consumers research products online before purchasing, with
47.2% of them reporting having researched electronics online in the
last 90 days during the workday before making a purchase in a store.


Research Brief » Blog Archive » Advertise To Workers At Work To Influence Purchases
The results of a new study, conducted by consumer intelligence firm BIGresearch, into the media and shopping behavior of consumers at work, finds that Americans are spending 60% of their waking hours at work, more than ever before. Marketing chiefs are rethinking their ad budgets and advertisers are preparing to meet a new, highly coveted, yet entirely untapped demographic on their own beige-carpeted turf.

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Day care’s new frontier: Your baby at your desk

More than 80 companies across the nation allow babies in the workplace,
according to Parenting in the Workplace Institute in Framingham, Mass.,
which says that number is likely to be low. It’s an extreme — and
controversial — example of how employers are seeking more ways to help
workers strike a balance between work and the rest of their lives.


Day care’s new frontier: Your baby at your desk –
At the T3 advertising firm in Austin, employees have a saying: It takes an agency to raise a child.

The $261 million company, whose clients include Marriott International,
Microsoft and J.C. Penney, lets a new parent bring his or her baby to
work — every day — until the child is old enough to crawl.

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Putting Some Fun Back Into 9 to 5

A good laugh is good for business. A survey from Issos shows that workers are more likely to be loyal to a company they laugh often at work, and corporations are more likely to hire applicants with a sense of humor.

Putting Some Fun Back Into 9 to 5 – New York Times

WORK, in its most traditional sense, is the antithesis of fun. As my grandmother used to say, when I complained about a boss or a deadline, “There’s a reason they call it work.”

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Lack of sleep catches up with today’s workforce

About 70 million Americans have a problem sleeping, according to a new survey by the National Sleep Foundation.

Among the survey’s findings:

Dangers on the road. Thirty-six percent
of respondents say they have nodded off or fallen asleep while driving,
including 26% who say they drive drowsy during the workday.

Work performance. Twelve percent of
respondents have arrived late to work in the past month because of
sleepiness. Other problems cited: impatience with others, difficulty
concentrating on job tasks and lower productivity.

•Work hours. Employees with more than one
job report the highest rate of dissatisfaction with sleep: 43% say they
get a good night’s sleep only a few nights per month or less. Part-time
workers report the highest rate of sleep satisfaction.


Lack of sleep catches up with today’s workforce –
U.S. workers are silently suffering from a dramatic lack of sleep, costing companies billions of dollars in lost productivity, says a study out Monday.

Nearly three in 10 workers have become very sleepy, or even fallen asleep, at work in the past month, according to a first-ever study on sleep and the workplace by the non-profit National Sleep Foundation. The late-2007 survey was based on a random sample of 1,000 workers.

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