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Wrigley Targets Teens with 5 Gum

New Wrigly gum targeted at teens – who by the way chew about 1/3 of the gum consumed in the US

Wrigley Targets Teens with 5 Gum

Wrigley’s envelope package is designed to catch teens’ eye — and their tongues.

Wm. Wrigley Jr. is getting ready to launch “5,” a sugar-free gum that adds a temperature twist to strong flavors.


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84 Responses

  1. Kalie Buehler says:

    Yeah, they are right… the pacaging really is pretty catchy,
    but it does taste good still. Really, the only reason i bought it was cause it looked cool.
    keep it upp

  2. tom says:

    the pakaging is awesome!
    looks like a pack of cigarettes!
    it tastes good too.
    i have cinnamon flavor (flare) in my mouth as i type this.
    it has lasted me about 3 hours already.
    with right out of the pack flavor

  3. Hayes says:

    I have also picked up the flare because the packaging caught my eye. At first it just tasted like big red, but the flavor does last and last! To me it also seemed like the longer I chewed the cinnamon gum it seemed to get hotter over time. I don’t know if that was something that was suppose to happen or just my senses fooling me. But this is definitely going to be a regular gum of mine.

  4. ali says:

    Yeah, mainly I had picked it for the insanely cool packaging, as it does remind me of a cigarette package. I tried the Rain, and it was actually really good. Though, I didn’t feel the promised tingle.
    Overall, it’s a pretty snazzy gum that will catch its audience.

  5. Andrea says:

    I am a graphic designer and have to admit I bought this because of how great the package design was. And like many have said this package does remind me of cigarette packaging. I was so stunned with the outside and when I opened up the package I was even more amazed by how the gum was wrapped! And I am deff feeling the tingle! Keep it up with the design!

  6. paige says:

    i saw the packaging and i just had to get it, i dont know about it reminding me of cigarette packages but it’s cool.
    the taste is great too. i think it’s my new favorite.
    i tried the cobalt.
    i wanna try the cinnamon kind soon 🙂

  7. Nathan says:

    i like the colbalt flavor but the main reason i but it is because the package look so cool

  8. tia says:

    I just tried this gum for the first time 3 hours ago and it still has a lot of flavor. The pagkaging is neat as well.

  9. nick says:

    the packaging is really sweet, its pretty much why i buy the gum but it packs good flavor and lasts a really long time …

  10. Kathy says:

    Like so many others, I picked up the gum because of the packaging.
    As a graphic designer, I absolutely love the way it looks. It is hands down the best gum packaging out there and even the gum is wrapped in a creative and connective manner. Great marketing genius right there.

  11. leo says:

    this gum is soo good! i love the rain and am chewing it right now… im def switching to this from stride! yay 5!

  12. Maddyson says:

    omg. this gum rocks hardcore. its amazinggg
    i love cobalt. omg its so cutee. the package is sweeeeet. and the wrappers match my nail polish. i will never chew another type of gum as long as i live. its awesomeeeee. ❤

  13. NonaRae Robinson says:

    I was going to buy your gum because we had some at work and the flavor was great – however, you people appear to be targeting a group of teenagers who compare your packaging to cigarettes!! I find that to be deplorable. In examining the packaging I find that to be true, everything from the flip top to the size and shape. Shame on you!! At a time when we are attempting to move our young people away from negative advertising and into healthlier habits! I am very disappointed!

  14. Colleen says:

    Thank you for your comment. I would like to clarify that we on this blog only posted this article from a press release. We do not work for or represent the company that makes Wrigley gum products. We do appreciate your comments and encourage you to post.


  15. Patrick says:

    One Sunday I was just buying a gallon of milk (i’m 15 by the way) and this package I have never seen caught my eye. I looked at the front and saw a ‘5’. I thought, “what is this?”. Then I found it was chewing gum so I just bought it (what the heck,ya know) and after chewing a piece I realized how strong the flavor was and how long the flavor lasted (for me about 3 hours but could have been longer) so now I am sticking to 5 gum, one of the best gums I have ever experienced. You otta try it!

  16. Patrick says:

    By the way, the packaging is mainly why I bought it like many of you said.

  17. susan says:

    i was walking around target one day and i saw this package of what i thought was breathmints or playing cards and it was peperment sugarfree gum and i was like what a weird way of advertising this gum so i though “im gonna try it” so i bought it and walked to my car and took a slice and i was like wow what a stong taste. and on the way home i was like this gum flavor lasted from target to my house which is 15 minutes plus i stopped at the local stewerts shop. and even an hour later i still had the flavor lasting! I love it its my new gum instead of spirmint.

  18. The One who had Cobalt says:

    I just got cobalt its really good ^_^ Like everyones been saying the flavor last for ever, I didn’t notice that the box does look like a box of cigarettes though… I got it cause it caugt one of my friends eye. Then they said something about it affecting the 5 senses. I don’t feel that ^_^ but it is a good gum awesome packaging deff worth every penny IMO

  19. Ryan says:

    My new favorite gum! I will continue chewing this gum, not because of the packaging, but because it’s the best tasting gum ever! Cobalt, baby!

  20. tami says:

    The packaging is amazing.
    I would like to commend your packaging engineers and designers. Great job on a gum that tastes good, lasts a long time and is visually appealing!

    • The Animaster says:

      Only because you’re not a packaging/graphic designer. The friggin thing looks like a box of condoms, seriously. Look at how everyone “eyes” me at school for offering my students some. It’s hilarious~!

  21. dillon says:

    damn i thought it was drugs lol jk jk, i dont get it though it says it stimulates

  22. bob says:

    i got rain it is really good i cant feel the tingle but as soon as i took the plastic of it i could smell it from like a foot away

  23. zack says:

    i feel stupid commenting on gum, but it actually is good. i thought that stride’s flavor was supposed to last long until i tried this. im chewing cobalt right now. i thought that it would have sum sort of caffeine in it, but it doesn’t really “stimulate my senses.”

  24. wendy thomas says:

    I’m not a teen, but I love the package and it really tastes better than regular wrigley gums, the flavor lasts much longer and isn’t strong

  25. Elliott says:

    I am a teen, and the package caught my eye, but I probably will not buy this gum again! The commercials for the Flare show a woman ‘skydiving’ over hair dryers and says “This is what it feels like to chew new 5 gum.” The gum is not spicy like the commercial implies! It is not even as spicy as Big Red. I was looking for something HOT. Very disappointed! It is called Flare, but I think it has been extinguished.

  26. Chewy1 says:

    My boyfriend thought it was a box of condoms.

  27. Katie says:

    I was looking forward to some “cooling”, “warming”, or “tingling” sensation while trying the gum, but was terribly disappointed. The flavor lasts a long time, but tastes like every other peppermint, spearmint, or cinnamon gum I have ever chewed. Big letdown.

  28. Steven says:

    This gum tastes like every other gum, but the flavor does last pretty long. It doesn’t “stimulate your sences” but its ok. It tastes like other wrigleys gum, it just lasts very long.

  29. chelsea says:

    i was in the mood for gum and i saw this kool package so i tried it and loved it!!! my favorites flare but the other 2 are good to!

    wats rlly kool is the wrapper i can be more then garbage if u peel off the colored part (tinfoil) from the paper part and stick it on sumthing it makes a kool background its on all my notebooks but it gets rlly annoying 2 peel it off but if u get bored Lmao!!!!
    haha thats a little confusing maybe a lot but yeahhh good luck if u did sumwat understand it

  30. Enrique says:

    Yeah this gum is awesome especially the rapper for a blunt and plus it’s strong so its all good

  31. Eva says:

    The 5 gum is amazing. I am chewing Rain as I type this out. I’ve been chewing this for almost 2 HOURS! and it hasn’t lost its flavor yet. As time goes on, my sense seem to be tingling keeping me awake in the bordoms of COLLAGE…

    Anyway, I love 5 gum and you can know that I’m always chewing!

  32. Eva says:

    HA p.s.: I feel really stupid commenting on gum…and I wanted to know how the other 2 taste. I don’t want to waste my money and gum that it turns out I dont like…you know?

  33. Maria says:

    Cobolt Rocks!!!! The flavor is long lasting & amazing plus the packaging speaks for itself…. I hope you come up with new flavor fast….

  34. David says:

    This gum cool, i love it and i chew even in dream -:)

  35. Trevor says:

    5 gum is so much better then stride. Flair is cinnamon and its not good so dont get it get cobalt or rain. Cobalt ownz

  36. Steve says:

    it’s not like the commercial but is still good. what’s kinda creppy though is left in my room with the door closed for a hour and when i can back all i could smell was the gum at least 10 feet away!!!!

  37. rainer says:

    rain kills your sences it is amazing buy5 gum RAIN

  38. dylaaaan says:

    who gives a fricken crap about the damm packeging. the gum is pure shit and it tastes the same as any old gum

  39. young mo says:

    this gum almost semlls better than me

  40. val says:

    Am chewing my first 1/2 stick of Rain. It’s good. Nice texture. Good flavor. An hour in and it stills feels and tastes like it did after five minutes.

    Cig-pack style of packaging is easy to open and close which is why cig sellers have used it for years. If teens are drawn to this gum due to the package resemblance to cigs, well, chewing gum is better than smoking. One can look cool flipping open the pack and offering a stick of gum rather than a stick of smoke. (The “here let me light that for you” move is missing but that’s okay.) Sharing like that is more likely to happen when you can easily carry around 15 sticks instead of just 5. The package lies flat in your pocket which means it’s more likely to get hauled around too.

    Over all, a nice gum. Why they did’t simply repackage Extra or one of their other gums in an alternate package I don’t know. A new product means they can claim more display space at the store, I guess.

  41. Myra says:

    Rain is awesome and it really does lat a long time. I chew it a lot at school, when i usually need to hold on to my patience. FYI, i’m chewing Rain right now!

  42. Greg says:

    yea when i bought the cobalt 2day, it made me think of marlboro reds cuz when i opened it you peel off the plastic like u do when u get a new pack of cigarettes. i kept the plastic on because i keep the plastic on whenever i get new cigs

  43. Rob says:

    i get the stuff for the wrappers, if you wet the paper on the back of it, then scratch at it with your fingernail it peals off, and you can stick it on stuff and it looks sweet

  44. Craig says:

    I’m chewing it now too. It’s just Gum.

  45. Dennis says:

    I do some side graphic designing for people, and hope to become a graphic designer. I have been seeing the free try this gum add on facebook for a while, and today while buying some supplies for my classes i thought i would grab some gum, now im not a regular gum chewer due to it being out lawed in my home for my raising, but i went to get some gum and i say orbit stride such and such, and i went down when the nice black with shine of color 5 box came across my eyes. Its brilliant i like the old style sticks compared to the more well known, now, blocks.

  46. tiff ah nee. says:

    hey i was just chewing the Flare kind. It has a good after taste.

    Sent from my iPhone.

  47. laura says:

    I love the packiging but I really buy it because of its amzing flavor its the best gum I have ever chewed

  48. Nick says:

    I think five gum is great. i’m chewing colbalt right now. the store that sells it wer i live only has rain and colbalt, no flare, so i don’t know what flare tastes like. i think that when you chew rain it makes youre mouth tingle, which is awesome! 😀 . If you get a pack. on the back there is a whole bunch of little black dots sticking oout, if you scratch that and smell it you can smell the gum! This gum rox!

  49. tom says:

    im chewing exilir 5 gum right now.its the new pink kind its amazing.i was at walmart last night and the pink wrapping caught my eye so i grabbed it.its raspberry flavour and i love it!

  50. Mabel says:

    I’m peeling the wrapper in two pieces and sticking it on my laptop as I speak.. I mainly buy it for the wrapper because it’s so fun but it does smell and taste good =D

  51. Rosalinda says:

    well, I LOVE 5 gum, especially cobalt. yes, the packaging looks cooler and it’s sugar-free. it’s more expensive (by like $ .30) but i don’t care. it’s the best!!!! i have about 10 used packs and 10 unused packs in my room FYI. I don’t see why it’s getting so many complaints?!?!

  52. Ms. Gum-Chewer says:

    Hey…Do any of u pplz kno y Five gum is clld FIVE????….It’s a noodle-scratcher..dont u think????!!!! Feel free to e-mail me if u have any smart questions like i do…..:)..

  53. r says:

    exilir is best

  54. Jam says:

    this gum is awesome, times 36548375637563.
    one, it has coool packaging.
    two, it taste goood.
    three, it lasts really long.

    chewing 5 gum, has been known to cause the same feelings as when you are having sex. chewing this gum, gives you the same tingles you expierence whilel having sexual intercourse, beware chewing this brand of gum, makes you a total sex addict, it makes you constantly crave sex. so parents this may cause teens to lose their virginity to gum, watch out kids.. make sure it really.. and safe, use a condam.

  55. Christine Quinn says:

    I am not a teen. What is phenylalanine? the only ingredient listed. Doesn’t all foods need ingredients listed on packaging?

  56. austinchoncek says:

    5 gum is awesome not cause of the apperance but cause it tastes the best. i keep the rapper and peel it and decorate lead pencils, folders, chairs, desks, and almost anything you want done but its not free email me if you want anyting done. Their are 5 flavors the red blue green gold and pink there is going to be a sixth a chocolote flavor brown rapper

  57. Halo3 says:

    This is the best gum in the world. Ilove the package it looks super cool. 🙂

  58. stephen says:

    like i dont really say that the package is why i bought it even though it is REALLY COOOOOL and the gum is like amazing the gum lasts soooooooo long it would take like 10 peices of any other gum for it to last this long and it really does
    :0 5 ROCKS 🙂

  59. stephen says:


  60. Lily says:

    Stride kinda sucks, im doing my project on it and Stride and Big red last way longer

  61. Peter says:

    I want to chew it now!

    But as a german guy, i have to wait about 4 months till i can buy it here…

  62. chloe says:

    o love peelilig the rapper and sticking it on my agenda and stuf..

  63. izzibo says:

    1 of my friends gave me a peice before school started (about 6 hours ago) it still tastes pretty good. i say that solstice is the best. i think it might be elixer and cobalt… hmmmmm……

  64. elliott says:

    i know i think they are just mixing the flavors so they don’t look lazy. losers.

  65. izzibo says:

    sooooooo bored. soooooo tired. soooooo hungry. soooooo too lazy to get up }:-[

  66. izzibo says:

    where do they come up w/ the names

  67. izzibo says:

    crap. i just ate my last peice. anyone want 2 donate gum for me?

  68. jonny says:

    is ur name really izzibo?

  69. izzibo says:

    why do you ask, i mean that is so random considering this is a chat site for gum. wow. i talk too much, and i just relized that, huh oh well……

  70. stephen says:

    you do talk too much. waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy too much

  71. izzibo says:

    hi, just wanted 2 say hi’z b-4 wipeout started.
    o wait, i was supposed to say something about gum.
    uhhhhhhhh, it tastes good. there. bye!


  72. lauren says:

    so wassup.

  73. it says:

    it does tatse good

  74. izzibo says:

    Zing klinda tastes like soap at first. and like a bad orange too, so random.

  75. stephen says:

    I know!

  76. izzibo says:


  77. bobby says:

    Why does everyone here say 5gum look like ciggies. Are you blind? What do they really remind you of? Everytime I see in the shop I think Im reaching into the condom section.

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