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Promotional Swag More Effective Than Ads, Study Says

Promotional Swag More Effective Than Ads, Study Says

A new study released by the Advertising Specialty Institute found it’s not TV, print or radio that gets consumers’ attention, but good old promotional swag. This includes coffee mugs, pencils, retractable solar-powered flashlights or any other product bearing a company logo.


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Summer Silliness Brings a Pizza Field and a Giant Oreo

Advertising – Summer Silliness Brings a Pizza Field and a Giant Oreo –

OUTDOOR advertising is a growing category — not just billboards, but increasingly, weird publicity stunts that often go awry.

“Advertisers are being pushed to creative extremes, partly because
it’s just so difficult to get consumers’ attention these days,” said
Pete Blackshaw, executive vice president of Nielsen Online Digital
Strategic Services, which advises clients on managing their online
reputations. “It may just be a flash of brilliance that everyone pays
attention to, and it gets that huge return, but it’s very difficult to
replicate on a regular basis.”

Advertisers spent $7.3 billion on
outdoor ads last year, a rise of 7 percent from 2006, according to the
Outdoor Advertising Association of America. About 16 percent of that
fell in the “alternative” category, which covers ads that were not on
billboards, bus shelters or the like.

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McDonald’s Intros Chicken For Breakfast, Plans Big Giveaway

McDonald’s is inviting consumers to take part in the great chicken vs.
egg debate by logging on to There, they can customize egg or
chicken characters and choreograph moves for a dance-off, pitting them against
friends to decide the ultimate champion: the chicken or the egg. Engaging consumers and giving them something compelling (like a virtual dancing chicken or egg) and giving it a viral component will certainly have them coming back for more.


MediaPost Publications – McDonald’s Intros Chicken For Breakfast, Plans Big Giveaway – 05/07/2008
McDonald’s thinks consumers who try its new Southern Style Chicken Biscuits and Sandwiches will come back for more, so it’s giving them away on May 15–with the purchase of a medium or large beverage.

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Harper-Collins, SAK Team Up For Year-Long Book Bag Promo

Books and handbags? Sounds like a women-targeted program to me! Harper-Collins and SAK are teaming up to promote summer books and summer bags. Since women spend a significant amount of time on the computer shopping or browsing, this promotion makes sense.


MediaPost Publications – Harper-Collins, SAK Team Up For Year-Long Book Bag Promo – 05/07/2008
Summer’s coming, and the time is right for … reading on the beach?

Maybe beach reading isn’t something Martha and the Vandellas would have sung about, but the “light summer reading” season is upon us. A leading publisher and a trendy handbag maker have joined forces to create a “novel” campaign designed to promote summer books and summer bags.

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Keeping Pace: The Evolution of Marketing and Branding

The 2.0 world is evolving rapidly, creating new promotions and
marketing opportunities such as RSS feeds, podcasting, blogging,
talking avatars and widgets everywhere.


Keeping Pace: The Evolution of Marketing and Branding
In the digital space, the world of marketing and branding is constantly changing. New technology developments are prompting companies to take a fresh look at the ways they reach and interact with their vendors and customers.

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Cerveza Tecate Boosts Presence In Boxing Arena

With the booming interest in the fight game
among Hispanic consumers, and with the first Mexican-American-run fight
promotion company founded by a star who transcends the sport, at least
one brand–Cerveza Tecate, imported by Heineken USA–is boosting its
presence in boxing.


MediaPost Publications – Cerveza Tecate Boosts Presence In Boxing Arena – 04/29/2008
Boxing ain’t baseball. Budweiser and Everlast notwithstanding, brands have generally been wary about associating with a sport with poor reputation among the general market, and questionable promotional value because of bad fights and meaningless titles.

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Mag Bag: ‘Men’s Health’ Intros Mobile Interactive Print Ads

We’ve been hearing a lot about mobile ready images in recent months – but it has yet to catch the kind of popularity marketers are looking for. In an effort to be the first to do it right – Men’s Health magazine will be introducing mobile-readable advertising. Basically, consumers take a picture of the ad and send it to the SMS code. Then the consumer will get an SMS message with more info and possibly even a promotional offer.

Mag Bag: ‘Men’s Health’ Intros Mobile Interactive Print Ads – 04/25/2008

Men’s Health will feature the first mobile-readable ads in its July-August summer issue, scheduled to hit newsstands June 24. The ads will also include SMS short codes for readers whose mobile devices don’t have cameras. In addition to offering readers product samples, discounts, sweepstakes and free photo and video content, the program also allows advertisers to measure ROI with direct-response style metrics.

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Unilever To Launch Dove Digital Channel

Dove is launching its own channel on The initiative will feature experts discussing today’s beauty issues. The channel will also give viewers a chance to join the conversation.

MediaPost Publications – Unilever To Launch Dove Digital Channel – 04/11/2008

CALLING IT A MAJOR INITIATIVE in the digital space for a consumer brand, Dove says the channel will reside at  The innovative new interactive, multimedia channel launches first in the U.S. and will be rolled out to the UK and Canada in the next three months.

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ANA: Integrated Marketing Top Issue On Marketers’ Minds – 04/11/2008

For Marketers, the top issues remain the same since 2004. Integrated marketing is still a fairly new phenomenon – and the industry is wrestling with issues from internal organization and politics to interagency relationships.

MediaPost Publications – ANA: Integrated Marketing Top Issue On Marketers’ Minds – 04/11/2008

FOR THE SECOND YEAR IN a row, dealing effectively with the myriad challenges posed by integrated marketing communications is top of mind among senior marketers’ minds, according to the latest survey from the Association of National Advertisers.

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Google Supports Ben & Jerry’s ONE Promotion

In an effort to fight poverty Ben & Jerry’s and Google have partnered in a new campaign, ONE. The aim of the campaign is to raise public awareness about poverty, hunger, disease and efforts to fight these problems in the world’s poorest countries.

MediaPost Publications – Google Supports Ben & Jerry’s ONE Promotion – 03/07/2008

GOOGLE AND BEN & JERRY’S are partnering to promote ONE, a group dedicated to eradicating world poverty.

Ben & Jerry’s recently introduced four new flavors, including ONE Cheesecake Brownie, which is cheesecake flavored ice cream with cheesecake brownie chunks. Each of the containers has information on the organization.

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