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T-Shirt Maker’s Style, Drawn From Web Users –

Is there an easier way to make cool T-shirts? Get a website, have people upload their designs and choose the ones you like to make shrits of. Everyone’s doing it – from small time start-ups to large corporations. Its called crowdsourcing – and it still has lots of challenges, but companies are finding success with consumer engagement.

T-Shirt Maker’s Style, Drawn From Web Users –

From quirky Internet start-ups to industrial titans, companies are increasingly outsourcing segments of their business to sources in cyberspace — much as they began shifting production overseas a generation earlier. This process, known as crowdsourcing, means that work once done in-house, from design and research to information-related services and customer support, can now be farmed out, tapping new expertise, cutting costs and freeing company employees to do what they do best.

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Borders To Promote Winning Books In Contest, a cool web community for writers and people looking for intellectual discussion has recently awarded 2 members with book contracts in the “American Idol for Books” contest. Gather and Borders are working together to promote eachothers’ endeavors and target their shared audience.

Borders To Promote Winning Books In Contest – 06/01/2007

GATHER.COM YESTERDAY ANNOUNCED THE WINNER of its “First Chapters” writing competition, but in a twist, both the author and the first runner-up will be awarded book contracts by Simon & Schuster imprint Touchstone.

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wii + line rider + wiki = fresh!

enjoy.  i did.


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Have Camera Phone? Yahoo and Reuters Want You to Work for Their News Service

Calling all aspiring photojournalists – or anyone really – with a camera phone; Yahoo and Reuters want your photos.

The two organizations will be placing submitted photos on their news sites, and some may even be used in media outlets that subscribe to the service.

Another example of how shifting the control from the hands of those in charge to the hands of the consumers is taking off.

The value of having a consumer take a photo that is featured on one of the sites, also creates a certain Word of Mouth value component.

Have Camera Phone? Yahoo and Reuters Want You to Work for Their News Service – New York Times

Hoping to turn the millions of people with digital cameras and camera phones into photojournalists, Yahoo and Reuters are introducing a new effort to showcase photographs and video of news events submitted by the public.

Starting tomorrow, the photos and videos submitted will be placed throughout and Yahoo News, the most popular news Web site in the United States, according to comScore MediaMetrix. Reuters said that it would also start to distribute some of the submissions next year to the thousands of print, online and broadcast media outlets that subscribe to its news service. Reuters said it hoped to develop a service devoted entirely to user-submitted photographs and video.

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MediaPost Publications – Diageo Mounts Holiday Blitz For Johnnie Walker Blue – 11/14/2006

MediaPost Publications – Diageo Mounts Holiday Blitz For Johnnie Walker Blue – 11/14/2006

This holiday season, Diageo is working the luxurey angle for Johnnie Walker Blue.

While making a major investment in the appeal of high-end art, Diageo’s effort is also designed also to reach the common man by having two museums throw open their doors to everyone one night this week–for free.

The contemporary art–part photography and part digital imaging and created by two leading British artists–is taglined “For those who know what to look for.”

Other events include:

  • Subsidized free evening entry this week to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami and the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York


  • Johnnie Walker Blue Label Traveling Art Gallery appearances in several locations throughout New York through Thursday


  • Unopened bottle engraving at a kiosk in Time Warner Center through Jan. 4


  • An exclusive party in Los Angeles, where the cast of NBC’s “Scrubs” will decorate blue hospital scrubs to be auctioned off on eBay to raise funds for the New Orleans Museum of Art’s Katrina Fund. The auction runs from Nov. 28 to Dec. 6.
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